Monday, 11 October 2010



Sorry I haven't posted much on here! I still can't get a cable for my camera so there won't be any photos until after I get back home I think :( Nevermind!
I'm in Tokyo now, and arrived here last Friday :D Me and Dec came on the night bus straight from Tokyo, and what a LONG joruney that turned out to be! I'll carry on from my last blog;

So, I wrote about Wednesday! We went to Universal Studios in the day, and that was pretty cool, but to be fair, we didn't enjoy it as much as we could have done. We only went on two rides, Jurassic Park and Jaws! I'd been wanting to go on JP after seeing a video of Downtown from HEY HEY HEY! Music Champ go on it with Namie Amuro, Puffy Ami Yumi and Morning Musume:


and it was Not as exciting as people make out to be, and it was over damn quick! Nevertheless, I did buy some cute stuff as gifts for family, and a mug for work. In the evening we met Dec's mixi friend Ryo, and his surprise? Well, he knows Geha and a lot of the current manba so Dec thought the "surprise" might be Geha and convinced us both that it was her...Who was it? A really classy guy named Chiaki instead lol. But he was a laugh! He had 2 (Women's) Dior handbags with him, and while we were walking, he just happened to get a phonecall from Dior about a brand new bag haha! They took us to an alternative hair salon where Ryo used to get his hair done and the staff were really impressed by us :D We also went to Karaoke and Puri, and then we headed back home:

I don't know why Ryo drew himself when he was manba and then Geha? lol!

We went to Kyoto the next day to meet with Rox who is studying at a University here. She is really really gorgeous in real life and in photos! And also super nice! We had met our Japanese friend Miho like one hour before, and Ryo joined us also later on, both separate meetings! We took some puri and wandered around Gion also~

(Wrote this too quickly and spelt name wrong!)

We ended up seeing 2 Geisha and 5 Maiko!!! GET IN

That evening, we were due to get the night bus from Kyoto to Osaka, and we had left our cases at our place in Osaka after thinking that the lockers in the station wouldn't be big enough....wrong :z we had to go alllll the way back to Osaka and back to Kyoto again, but we made it in the end! We arrived at Tokyo at 7:00, and got a cab to the place we're staying at. We ended up sleeping for the day, which kind of sucked, but we're all well rested now! just...!

Caryn came to Japan on Saturday too! So she's also here to live it up with us haha.  One of our Japanese friends that we met in London came to Tokyo at the weekend to see us which was really nice! I've missed her (and Miho!) so much! We went to Atom on Saturday night with Julia/Yuri, Ai-chan, and one of their friends and we had a blast! Although me, Dec and Saki (our JP friend) left earlier than planned as we were tired, STARVING and my chest was being a bitch, so we went to all night Karaoke for a few hours before the first train came. They had awesome fried chicken!

They have a puri machine INSIDE Atom lol! But you can only take 2 photos. BUT, you can retake them haha. We happened to run into a lady we met in London at the Hyper Japan event while we were sitting outside a posh building in the back of Shibuya so we didn't get wet! It was such a chance meeting!

For the last 3 days i've been dragging Saki around with me trying to find any alternative coloured hairdye and I FINALLY managed to find some Manic Panic in Harajuku yesterday, and now my hair is bright again, yay! I haven't been able to wear my extens as the ends of my real hair are more porous and started to wash out more than the top (even though i've only washed my hair twice since being in JP and using dry shampoo the rest of the time lol) but now I can! And I had to buy some new curlers as the ones I bought last year don't work! I gave them to the hotel we're staying in...haha

I'm going to go now, I woke up an hour ago at 6:20 and can't sleep, and I don't want to wake the girls up as i've been a bit of a twat and tanning and dying my hair at like midnight and 1am :( sorry guys!

I have a nail appointment tomorrow (Wednesday) at CARRY!!!! daaaamn excited :D


  1. LOVE your make-up style here <3 T_T wanna hang out with you guys ..

  2. Wow, you are just doing so much! I'm glad to hear the update and all the puri photos are great. Your pink hair is lovely. I can't wait to see your new nails, please show them soon ^^/

  3. me too!!!! i want to hang out! hang out with me and val!!!! we will show u some good ass time!!!!! =P