Wednesday, 6 October 2010



I'm now safely in Osaka and thought I would write you a blog post! Unfortunately I left my camera cable at home (idiot) so I can't show you any photos just yet until I buy a cable from somewhere, which will probably be on Friday in Tokyo, unless I can find somewhere in Kyoto tomorrow! (Thursday)

We've only been in Osaka for one real day but already we're really liking it a lot more than Tokyo! All the residents seem to be much nicer and much friendlier. The airport was a really good example of this; when we arrived in Tokyo last December, everyone was really really grumpy and as we collected our bags and headed through the last security before being allowed out into the airport, the officers snarled and shouted at us "WHERE ARE YOU STAYING IN JAPAN?!" and when I showed them the address and told them it was a hotel, "THIS IS NOT A HOTEL, WHERE ARE YOU STAYING IN JAPAN!!!!!!!!" and it took a couple of minutes before we were just dismissed really with a wave of the hand :z

HOWEVER. In Osaka, when we went to immigration, the officers were really chatty and nice and one kept joking around and asking if I was alright because I was wearing my big pink fluffy boots, and he thought I was cold lol! And even when we went to get our bags and do the last security check, the men with the dogs checking bags were really nice too, saying how cute our luggage was and apologising for having to send the dogs round and laughing and just generally having a better attitude to things than the staff in Narita~

Yesterday (Tuesday) me and Niijii went shopping! We went to the EST mall in Umeda and also to the OPA mall in Shinbashi. WE LOVE THEM. We think they're better than what Shibuya has to offer! And all the shop staff are really nice and cuuuute. We saw a lot of Gals as soon as we got to Osaka, and the Gals here are incredible! The fashion is really different to Tokyo and the shops really cater to that. There are a lot of off-brand stores here and they sell really awesome clothes; i'm in love! d.i.a is officially my new favourite store! The shop staff in both EST and OPA were really nice and commented on both of our styles as soon as we walked in and asked for a picture straightaway! The staff-chan in OPA is actually my mixi friend which I didn't know! That was a really awesome and surprising thing! We went to Karaoke and Purikura (standard!) yesterday also, and had a lot of fun trying to get one hour at the booth as I completely froze and forgot how to say one hour and basically everything else in my known vocabulary lol, but it was okay..just haha.

We've been stopped a lot for photos and have been recognised already from TV, but we've also incurred a lot of ugly stares and a business man on the train said something horrible to Nij in Japanese and tried to stop him from getting on! :z Today (Wendesday) we're going to Universal Studios and meeting up with a couple of Nij's mixi friends who used to be manba a long time ago. Apparently they have a "surprise" for us.....

I'll leave you with this, and update maybe tomorrow or Friday and then hopefully i'll have a cable for my camera!


  1. oh wow sounds like you're having fun!
    I'm dragging my boyfriend to OPA in Osaka at Christmas. We have one in Kobe, but I heard Osaka's one is bigger.
    Looking forward to see your photos! ♥

  2. I'm glad to hear you guys are having a good time!! Miss you my darlings! xx