Sunday, 3 October 2010

fly me to the moon

Hello! I'm writing this blog post from Dubai! Well...Dubai International Airport!
To be more precise, the hotel in the airport!

I need to try and sleep so i'll (try to) keep this entry to a minimum :D Our flight from London this morning was delayed but they didn't bother to mention it until we were in the lounge and waiting to get on the plane! We were due to fly at 8:40 and ended up leaving at around 10 instead....grumpy passengers!! lol

The flight was pretty smooth to be fair and didn't feel like 6 hours at all. I also think Emirates is better than Virgin! The staff were nicer, the plane was nicer, and I feel weird saying this, but the food was nicer too! And that's a compliment, as airplane food is usually gross! They gave us soooo much too! Like, for breakfast we had a fruit salad, a croissant and an apple turnover (not really a breakfast item but it was nice!) and damn good orange juice, and then for lunch we had this chicken curry; which was actually not that good, the chicken was funny so I just ate the rice and sauce lol; wait! and we also had an appetiser for that, of noodles with chilli and prawns which also came with a bread roll and a lemon/vanilla pudding AND bloody crackers and stuff too! Insaaaaaaaaane!

Our hotel is soooo nice! I think its supposed to be like 5 star quality or something!

Anyhow, I must go as I need to catch a few Z's! Dec says hi!

Catch up with you all in Osaka tomorrow!
p.s. yesterday's performance at Hyper Japan! went really well, and I also embarrassed myself on a live Nico Nico Douga internet web stream ;p
p.p.s. thank you for all the comments about my new hair! im glad you like it!

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  1. It's great to hear the first leg of your flight went smoothly and was more enjoyable than other airlines. Can't wait to see your Japan photos!