Monday, 31 January 2011


Hi guys! This will be my last post for January! What the hell..January is gone already??

I bought a monthly travelcard today because i'm travelling into London all the time, so theoretically this should be cheaper for me *fingers crossed* but it was really expensive >.< Luckily I only really need 2 zones for where I need to really get to in London (Camden and Morden), so if I had gotten a card with all 4 zones on...I would be so upset lol!

Sorry I didn't update you the other night! (apart from my little filler post)
I've just got home...and I went out on Saturday night lol! I went out with some work friends to an alternative club called Slimelight, which is held in Electrowerks in Angel. That was actually where Tokyo Decadance was held back in 2008, although Slimelight uses the whole club when it's on, and TD only used one small floor/room and a bar! I kept getting confused as every set of stairs or coridoor we went through, we ended up back in the same place we needed even though it felt like we were going to all these new places?? Ahh! Luckily I had some of the girls to take me so I didn't get lost!

And going to an alt club for the first time happened to be so stressful! What was I supposed to wear?! I was told that "everyone wears Cyberdog" but "don't wear Cyberdog because people will think you work there" and "oh just wear loads of Cyberdog, it's fine" and "just wear all black, it's safer!" LOL so of course I was so confused about what I should really wear! I should mention that the clubnight has a dresscode to ensure that so stupid people (i.e. chavs and drunk old men) don't get in. In the end, this is what I settled for:
Sorry for low lighting!
Shrug: Cyberdog
Tights: offbrand
Boot covers: d.i.a.
Boots (you can't see): Peacocks
I have some other photos to share but I need to actually head out now as i'm back out to Camden (i've only been home from being there for about 40 minutes!) to go out for a "Pay Day Drinks" thing with work people. I'll write a post tomorrow (first post of Feb and 101st post which obviously means a giveaway... :D) with the photos just before I pack to go and see Monica and Ingvild in Norway! :D I AM SO EXCITED!

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