Monday, 11 April 2011


Hello! Hello! Hello!
I'm FINALLY back at my laptop and able to bring you all the stuff that I haven't been writing about! I'm going to try and revamp my blog at some point, maybe today, as I think it's time for a new layout! The blog header will stay the same for a little while until I get back the photos from the shoot that I did with Georgie on Friday!
So what have I been up to?

I've mainly been working, which is great for my purse, and i've also been out and about in the "great" outdoors! Adam is trying to get me to be more proactive, which is a good idea really. I don't really exercise at all, and I eat lots of sweets and junk food, which is really unhealthy! Now that the weather is starting to become sunny and slightly warmer, i'm trying to seize the opportunity to be healthy and active.

The next day, me and Adam, and Andy and his boyfriend David (Andy is Adam's flatmate) went to Hampstead Heath (we actually went there this time haha) with a couple of drinks and some sweets and just chilled out! We walked up and down a bit and then we sat down on the heath and the boys did some poi. I'm really shit at poi, but I can do this thing called the Butterfly! Haha, i'm so lame.

(almost) perfect egg! Breakfast before Hampstead Heath~

The toilets at quaint!

The next day, I met up with Dec to bleach his hair! We also went for a bit of a meander around our usual spot of Piccadilly Circus/Leicester Square.

I'm still wanting to dye my hair purple, so we went to Sallys to see what they had on offer, and to my excitement, I managed to find a colour, well, two colours that i'll mix to make (what appears to be) the perfect colour combination! Check it out:
Yeah..probably shouldn't have "tested" the dyes on my skin, but it washed away instantly which was good. This is Crazy Color dye, which even though I might have blasted before when my hair was first pink, it seems to have worked quite well on my friends and everyone keeps telling me to not use Manic Panic dyes anymore, so i'll give it another shot! Anyway, I bleached Dec's hair all out and now he's a blondie (well, white hair lol) again!

photo (c)Dec!

The weather this week was pretty good, and me and Adam really wanted to go out and do something (especially as the weather was great on his days off) but unfortunately I still had to go to work :( I had a few late starts last week (2pm and 3pm) so we weren't really able to do much before I had to go! I have to set aside a couple hours to get my hair and make-up done lol... Luckily we have a day off together next week, so we're praying that the weather will be great!

Tuesday AM!
The rest of the week was pretty much just work and not too much play lol! But I did have a photoshoot with Georgie on Friday (as mentioned right at the beginning!) which was sooo awesome! We wanted to do a Gal X Lolita style shoot, but in the end, we didn't actually get any shots together! Either way, both of our photos turned out so beautifully! I was annoyed though, as I wanted to be tanned and classy for the pictures but my fake tan reacted against my skin so I was pale :( My skin was really pretty against the background in the studio and the photographer kept saying it looked great (I look like milk haha) but I still wanted to have bronzed skin! :'( Nevermind...

Eating on the train to the shoot! Pret's Chicken and Pesto bloomer is AMAZING
Georgie being photographed!
The next day, we all went out to Chessington World of Adventures! It was different as this time we didn't have lots of people with us like we did last year when the Gal Circle went! I'll share my photos from this in another entry as this one is pretty much spammed up! Here are some photos to see the end of this entry, and i'll see you guys soon!

My new mirror, free with egg May!

My new arrivals! Yaaaaay, sexy Spike ;D

New phone memory card...

I'm very disappointed now! lol...
And as a small "surprise" for you, I took some photos of the current egg issue, featuring the models as Manba!

These are also on the Manba page on Facebook, and hopefully there will be scans soon, so please hold tight!


  1. Oh you have been doing so much and it's great you are earning much money from work. I should do that too haha!

    I like your long blond hair, and wow, your no-makeup look is quite different from your full makeup, what skill^^

    Congrats on getting the zebra pattern mirror XD

  2. OMG! Egg is doing freebies?? and DIA one at that?! I need to get egg then! The manba pages looks epic!!

    I get my hairdye from Sally's too but weirdly it didn't work, as you seen in chessington. Think i'm going have to revisit sally!

  3. You are so beautiful!!!
    I'm jelly!!

  4. I need to get the may egg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! need to go to the store this week!!!! and i love that pink outfit !!! u look so cute!!!! :3

  5. Love the post, if you dye doesn't work out maybe think about trying out special effects dye and hopefully the colors there or buy two and mix it.

  6. @sara mari: Yeah! I feel super busy all the time >.< I also wish I could learn to save money :'( lol!

    Thank you!! I'm letting it get a little healthier before I try to dye it a crazy colour again! And yeah haha, I look really different with no make-up! It's weird!

    @kei: Yeah! They're giving away a free mirror and it's either a zebra print one or a USA one lol! The manba page is cool! Random, but cool! :D

    Which brand do you use? It's so weird that it didn't work! Let me do your hair for you 8D!

    @jade: Aw thank you girl!^^

    @michi: Get it girl!! It's good! Thank you! It's one of my favourite tops actually, so glad I bought it!

    @michiko: Thank you! I've heard good things about Special Effects, and thats the dye I used to dye my friend's hair recently!

    Thanks for the tip!

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