Saturday, 23 April 2011

GGA's..thank you!

Hi guys! Just a short post to mention the GGA's!

I got a message from Lhouraii saying that I had been nominated for Best Hair Style in the upcoming "Gaijin Gyaru Awards" or "GGA's".

There's the video, so you can check out all the other nominees and see where to vote! To be honest, i'm rather surprised, as I tend to keep myself out of the Gal communities now (not saying that i'm quitting Gal, I just don't like to post in them anymore) so i'm surprised that people would think of me!

You're all really sweet, thank you! Vote for me if you wish! And good luck to everyone who's in the runnings!


  1. Well deserved :)

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  3. YAY!! you got nominated!!!! congradz!!!! same here too on best eye make~ ;D good luck honey!