Thursday, 14 April 2011

moving pictures

I thought I would humour you with a short video, just to say hello, and to thank you all for reading/following/looking at my blog!


  1. you look great in these video your eyemake-up looks awesome <3

  2. I miss your pink hair, have you decide what you're going to do to it?

    Also, do you have hair tinsel? Your hair looks like it has silvery bits in it.

  3. you sound so different! and you seem much more.. calm and chill :) good times :)

    miss you lady xxx

  4. Where did you get the shirt?! It's FAB! O.O

  5. awwwww~ always so cute~ I love your sexy ass voice~ ;D

  6. @amy: thank you so much^^ My photos and videos look much different to how I look in real life somehow lol! My friend recently said that photos don't do me justice, which is a really nice thing to hear^^ I'm happy you like my make-up!

    @emmie: I think i'll definitely be going purple, I miss being pink too :(! I'm happy you liked the pink! Haha it was soo bright! I dooooo, yes :p I've been wearing it for about a month now, but wanted it ages ago! If i'm correct, you did a blog about it a while ago? It's fabulous stuff, I LOVE IT. I need to blog about it, but i've been waiting ;D

    @lucie: Yeah, i'm much more relaxed these days, even if i'm mad busy with work and random activites! miss you too, hope you're doing well~

    @pokiitan: it's from Cyberdog! Thank you :)

    @michi: Hehe thanks girl! Really??! I hate my voice sometimes lol >.< But if you like it, then...maybe I should make more entries like this?:p