Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Hello! I thought I would share this video with you, it's how I do my make-up; all squeezed down into a short little video for you!


1) Concealer - around eyes and on nose
2) Foundation - applied with a brush, evened out with a sponge and set with face powder
3) Eyeshadow application:
    a) iridescent powder all over eyes
    b) brown powder on sockets
    c) black powder on lids
    d) black powder at corners and underneath eyes

4) Kohl eyeliner
5) Curl eyelashes
6) Eyelash application:
    a) Top eyelashes - 3 kinds of lashes stuck together...
    b) Bottom eyelashes - Diamond Lash or Value pack..

7) Liquid eyeliner
8) Glitter eyeliner application:
    a) Gold over eyelash band/over portion of lid
    b) Silver/iridescent at inner corners on top and bottom
9) Mascara
10) Drawing in eyebrows
11) Glitter (iridescent) application to underneath of brow
12) Nose highlight/shadowing
13) Blusher

(I have nude lips so I don't add any colour! Usually top up with Candy Doll lip concealer during the day if needed....)



  1. aawh eilish i love this video, it's great to see how ppl do their makeup! and oh, i want naturally nude lips too...! O__O mine are such an ugly color, i always cover them in some kind of makeup to make 'em nude colored. lucky yooou!

  2. This was really cool! I wouldn't have thought it'd be interesting to sit and watch someone put on makeup but it was rad! Your makeup looks beautiful, too, of course. :)

  3. Really nice :O but sometimes it went too fast so i couldnt really follow XD .. lol

  4. Wow this was amazing, jealous of how skilled you are with falsies too!

  5. I really like the speed you used, it wasn't too fast and the pace kept my interest^^

    Oh I felt really half-assed as I watched it, I don't put effort into my makeup...I don't even wear foundation or concealer...XD Your eyemakeup is so cool, and I was particularly interested in how you put on your eyebrows, to me it seems so hard!

  6. @sami: thank you!

    @sofia: thank you! I wrote that wrong lol, I wish I had nude lips naturally too! But I make mine nude with the foundation process and it usually stays this way until I eat or something and then I just top up with the lip concealer :p

    @bouncybrown: I know what you mean! Aw thank you! I realise that it's quite a transformation from the beginning to the end lol!

    @maria may: thank you! I'm sorry about that! It wasn't meant to be a tutorial video, more like a progression showing how I go from bare face to full face! I'm going to work on a tutorial which I promise will be much slower and easier to follow!

    @georgie: thank you! It's taken me a few years of practise but it's definitely worth it! Of course, some parts of the video have been cut down, but I still manage to get eyelashes on very very quickly in real life!

    @sara mari: that's good! At least you weren't bored^^! I wear waaaay too much make-up sometimes! I guess because without it I look kind of strange? haha! I love your eye make-up! I'm trying to work on something with a gap after doing no gap for such a long time~
    Eyebrows are so tricky, but with practise (having to do them everyday) it gets easier!