Monday, 23 May 2011

Red Leicester

Hi guys! How are you all doing?
I'm back from Leicester! And i'm here to bring you a post about it. It's more like a photo spam really, as there's not too much to write about i'm afraid! My trip was mainly about meeting my boyfriend's family (and parents!) for the first time, but there was also a series of birthdays and anniversaries that also occured over the weekend.

So, on Friday, me and Adam laid around in bed and I made my serial-photo-spam blog for you all, and then realised we had only half an hour to get ready and leave before our train left..eek! That morning, I also did something funny, but something I had been planning on for a while! You wanna see?

Yeah, I shaved the sides of my head lol! But there's a reason behind hair is really really not loving me right now and at the sides of my head, the hair was like, fried and crispy and no amount of hair repair serum or masques were going to save it, so I shaved it off! Well, Adam did, and I touched it up ;D It was something I was going to do for a while..and hey! There's a chick in egg magazine with her WHOLE head shaved and patterns in it! But i'm not about to rid myself of it all mind you!

Anyways, off this slightly off-track topic and back to what I was supposed to be talking about... We got to Leicester in the afternoon after watching Buffy on the train and after dropping our stuff off at Adam's parents house, Adam took me to meet his Mom..SCARY TIMES!!!! But it wasn't scary at all :D! Yaaay! Meeting the parents wasn't bad at all, after I was worrying they wouldn't like me and things like that, so i'm glad it went smoothly! On Friday we just stayed in and played Buzz!, which i've never played before but it was highly addictive....

Wendy & Mandy!
Saturday, me and Adam went swimming early in the morning, and then went to town during the day. In the evening we had a meal out at an all-you-can-eat World buffet (i've blogged about this kind of restaurant before) which was GREAT! and then afterwards, we went to Redeemer, which is an alternatve music club. It was "Cheesecake" night, and on the main floor they were playing 90s dance anthems and on the upstairs floor was metal, rock etc. They had Thundercats playing on TV's in the background!

And Sunday, there was a family BBQ, where I met more of Adam's family :) Overall, the whole weekend was really nice and relaxing! I'm back to work tomorrow, which is always weird after you've had a few days off! Here's the rest of our photos!

I had a food!

My glow in the dark hair tinsel! I've been wearing this as well as silver glitter tinsel for the past few months and it's great! The UV lights in the club were much stronger than the ones we have at work so they showed up straight away! I had to take some photos... :D!

I hope you enjoyed the photos! With the above photos of my hair tinsel, i'm going to do a blog about them for you guys! They're really cool and ahh I love them :D

Oh! I got another photo from the Gal shoot I did! But i'm still waiting on the full CD :(
I hope you like it^^. It kinda looks like I have no brows, but I still love the photo! I should be going back to work with the photographer again soon, so i'm really excited! On Friday I have another Doctor's appointment as my other one was fail, so hopefully I can find out what's wrong :( In the evening i'm going for dinner with the company who created Hyper Japan and then on Saturday i'm going to a fashion event with model scouts! I want the weekend to be nooooow!

For those of you interested in going to Hyper Japan this year, they have a new competition! It's called UK Kawaii Star of the Year, and it looks to be promising! The details should be available soon, but here is where you can check out all the cool things going on!

See you soon guys!


  1. lol food baby - I usually call it "poo baby" :P
    Lookin forward to the hair tinsel post!

  2. Lololol- food baby. xDD Do you do the same thing my friends and I do where we try and name how many months along our 'babies' are? Haha.

    Anyway-- duuude, that undercut looks so cool~ Especially with your hair colour: it's all very polished looking, despite it being an 'edgier' cut. <3

    Glad the parental meet n' greet went well. C: Good luck with the dinner and modeling bit~.

  3. Love that last photo!
    You are so pretty! (: <3

  4. Looks like a lovely time! :D
    and yay for food babies haha got to love them XD

    Also looking forward to hearing about this hair tinsel, sounds awesome

  5. awww looks like you having wonderful time~ i really nee to go where you live one day~ n__n

  6. @crysta: haha! that's classy ;D I shall bring the hair tinsel post as soon as possible!

    @noxin: haha no! I've never heard that before :p! Although I do joke with my Dad when his "twins" are due lol. Thank you^^ It's not really lots that's been shaved so it's not essentially a proper undercut, just a mini one, but I might extend it a little lol! That's really neat of you to say, thank you so much!!

    Thank you! I'll be posting up about the dinner at some point maybe tomorrow!

    @rivriv: Thank you^^!

    @sami spoon: It was great! Food babies are not so win but funny all the same! I'll aim to bring it soon! :D

    @michi: I was! Thank you^^ Haha, maybe not to Leicester, come to London girl!!