Thursday, 26 May 2011

when you wish upon a star

Hi guys! How are you all doing?

The weather is crazy here! Yesterday was kinda hot and dry and today was full on heavy rain! But at least it wasn't freezing cold at the same time. I should probably buy some rain-friendly shoes to wear..considering I live in rainy Britain, you'd think i'd have done this by now, right? Nope :D I wear the most impractical shoes ever!

Anyway, here's what's on my mind at the moment! I kind of have a mini wishlist going on inside my head, and wanted to share it with you, as they're fun, and seeing what people want can be interesting~

Lilac playsuit, Cyberdog. £55
Okay, so it's something from my work, BUT, it's damn cute!! I kind of need to justify being able to spend the money and actually wearing the item too, as I feel if I wear it just at work then it kind of defeats the point! I have this in Black and I love it, and I tried on the Lilac version today and thought it was cute! But it's still something I need to think wisely about >.

d.i.a.!!! It's my favourite JP brand, but I definitely don't have enough! I want some damaged jeans so badly, and of course, some of their spring/summer tops! Wish I could still afford to order lots of clothes overseas! 

Classy nails! At least I can have them for my job, which is no problem. I want a set done this month but I wonder if I can afford it...hmmmm! I can always do them myself, but there's always the satisfaction when someone does them for you lol!

Wedges! They're really on-trend right now and I want in on the action!

6%dokidoki Shooting Star clips! So cute, pretty and AHH need one! We used to sell them in Cyberdog, but there's none left now! Booooooo!

This is my mini wishlist for now! I've been dressing too casually as of late, and I hate it! I can use any excuse "weather too cold" "can't be bothered" etc etc blah blah, but I need to slap myself round the face and man up to the fact that I look boring all the time lol! Fair enough, I put in all the effort at work, but as I don't really wear any CD outside of work, my wardrobe certainly looks like old news. I need to get back into the swing of being slightly fashionable lol! Speaking of fashionable, is it possible that chavs are catching onto the foxtail trend?! There was one wearing one in my local pub was very scary :'(

Do you guys have any wishlists or wants in particular?

And for some non wishlist stuff, here's the purikura that I did with Rosie, Adam and Perry last week..enjoy!


  1. Im on a bad spending binge at the moment D:
    But everything in your list is so nice and very you! :D

    Im glad wedges are in because I prefer them to heels for sure!

  2. I love everything in this entry! Oh, but the rollercoaster pic is my favorite XD So cute!

  3. @sami spoon: I wish I had the moneys to go on a spending binge lol! If I was in my last job, no lies I probably would have already bought each pair of those wedges (yeah, all 4 of them) lol! But alas, I can't >.< I might buy one pair...maybe the lace up ones! Wedges are fuun! Also, a lot easier to walk in if heels aren't your thing!

    @eggvip: Thank you^^ It's all rather cute and sparkly! Haha, Adam's face in the rollercoaster pic is so funny! He really went for the pose whilst me and Rosie just made nice faces lol!

  4. Omg I saw a chav wearing a foxtail crossing the road in Sutton the other day, I was horrified! Sad times.

  5. I love your purikuras |D

  6. I love this blog! Lovely purikuras <3

  7. @marie: sorry for late reply! my blog wouldn't allow me to comment on any of my entries?!
    Where was he?? I saw him in The Plough (Harvester) on A217, he had a fake mohawk and shaved sides and was wearing a terrible amoutn of green... his tail was small and like a caramel-ish colour...

    @rui: thank you dear^^!

    @kati: thank you so much! your blog is great!! thanks for the link!