Wednesday, 11 May 2011

turn up the bass

Hello! Lazy video post again! Sorry about that, you'll have to bear with me until I can update you with some lifey type stuff and photos! >.<

On the bright side, here are some songs that i'm listening to at the should too!


  1. The lag is quite funny :). James Masters (spike) = <3!

  2. AFROJACKKKK!!! dude you have to check out this new producer. hes only 18 but hes SO FRIGGING GOOD. tiesto plays his stuff in clubs and... HE NEVER EVEN WENT CLUBBING BEFORE LOLOL


    omfg so good. I KEEP REPLAYING THIS ; o ; its lazy rich remix but idgaf. STILL GOOD

  3. Yeah it lags loads lol

    Maybe you're low on iron. Try taking iron tablets to keep up your levels and drink more water?

    Blood tests suck, I don't mind getting them but my body clearly does and I faint as soon as the needle leaves my body. The swine flu jab hurts, blood tests generally don't and they do it by the veins on the upper side of your elbow rather then your wrist, you'll be fine :)

  4. Video posts work every time! =3

  5. @claire: haha the lag is so bad! I have no idea why?! YES! Omg, James Marsters...(as Spike, no other roles!)

    @mint: i'm starting to really like Afrojack! Oo! I shall check him out, he sounds amazing! Can't believe he never went clubbing?!

    @emmie: video y u lag?! That's what a couple of people have been saying, and some have said that I might have an intolerance to something :z i'm going to the doctor today so we'll see what happens I guess!

    I don't want to have one at allll >.< I know they usually take from the upper arm but its the thought of it going in and just ughh! lol!

    @dudu: they're kinda like lifesavers! Plus it must be funny for you guys to see my lag, yay!