Sunday, 1 May 2011


Hey guys! How are you all doing?

Here's an update video and some photos to tide you over until I next write a chunk of stuff for you to read!

And a song I can't stop listening to...

I don't care if it's old! It's FAB and her make-up and look is to die for!


  1. LOL your video~ sooo lay back...... makes want to chill at my own house and eat ice cream! he he I love your make up by the way! really nice! oh and cant wait to see the other video soon! n___n

  2. you and your boyfriend are so sweet :') ♥

  3. @memorial: thank you^^!

    @tsuomasu: haha thanks! I hate my accent so much >.<

    @michi: Hehe! I don't love ice cream too much, but I felt the need for something sweet after dinner! Thank you girl! I'm working on ways to update my make-up all the time!

    @emily: thank you^^