Friday, 17 June 2011



Sorry for my absence, but I have some cool things to share with you! Mainly this short blog about an exhibition I went to on Tuesday called FUTUR FUSION.

FUTUR FUSION is an exhibition featuring the work of sculptor Dominic Elvin, photographer Stephane Grand and illustrator Sebastian Clark. Dominic and Sebastian both do things for Cyberdog, with Dominic making many of the mannequins, robots and futuristic looking people, and Sebastian (or Seb) designs things that get printed onto TShirts.

Here is some of their Cyberdog related work (all photos copyright to the respective owner/designer):

Dominic Elvin

Sebastian Clark

Pretty neat huh?
So anyway, the event (as you've probably guessed) was a collaboration of creative minds to show people the future of design! Here are the photos I took, not the best quality, sorry! I was due to go back to the event today to retake the photos but didn't go in the end >.<

Please feel free to see this exhibition if you're in London! It finishes tomorrow, but it's open from 9am til 7pm so there's plenty of time in the day to go!

Where:  I.N.C. Space, 9-13 Grape St, Covent Garden, London WC2H 8ED
When:  Mon 13th June to Sat 18th June
Opening hours:  9am to 7pm every day
Entrance:   Free

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