Monday, 20 June 2011

Blog Awards!

Hi guys! Happy Monday, and welcome to the start of another week!
I hope you all had a fantastic weekend, and spent time with your Dad, Step-dad, Granddad, or even remembered them if they aren't here any more. Either way, they'll always know what great Dad's they are to us!

I'm writing a post about some Blog Awards that I was given a few weeks ago, and wanted to make it's own post about it rather than slot it in at the end/beginning of another entry.

The first award is from Charlotte, and is the Kreativ Blogger Award! Thank you Charlotte for giving me this! You're very kind, and i'm glad you like my blog! Along with receiving the award, I also need to tell you 10 things about myself, so here goes!

1. I'm turning 21 at the end of the year and i'm kinda nervous but excited at the same time as it means I can do more things! (In more countries *hinthint*!)
2. I used to be a die hard scene kid when I was 15/16! Funny times >.<
3. I never went to University because I didn't want to get into debt
4. I used to speak French really fluently but can't any more! I hate forgetting languages :(
5. Hello Kitty is my favourite character ever!
6.  Speaking of Hello Kitty, I LOVE cats, but I really want to get a pug!
7. I'm a gaming nerd and always play the same games over and over again instead of buying exciting new ones :p
8. I really love the L.A.M.B. fragrances and have Love and Music already (but obviously must buy, or PERSUADE someone to buy me more..)
9. I can only do French braids going to the left side of my head 
10. I once met Sepultura and got my photo taken with bandmate Derrick...haha

I give this award to the following four people:
1) Rox, Woxje@Blogspot
Rox's posts are always really interesting and she writes a lot about make-up and hair and clothing co-ordinates which I think is awesome as she's great at all three! I've been lucky to meet her too and she's a really great person!

2) Rii, Utsukushii Gal
I have been following Rii's blog for a little bit now and her posts are always really great and usually filled about d.i.a. which I adore! She has made me jealous of her NYX Glitter Creme Pallets!

3) Georgie, Latte Bunny
Georgie's blog is always really cute and peppy and she has great style! I know Georgie in real life and she's a really awesome character, as is her fiancé!

4) Fifi, Ayari's Asylum
Fifi is really getting into Gal at the moment, and she is trying her best to perfect her look! Her layout and blog posts are always very neat and awesome looking which makes me jealous of my standard writing and picture sharing tecnique!

My next awards come from Mira, and are Best Blog, Inspiration Award and Blogger Luxury! Thank you Mira for giving me these awards! There are 3 so i'm really surprised and happy at the same time! Thanks for reading and liking my blog!

For the Inspiration Award, I must share these with you:

I also need to share 7 random facts about myself with the Blogger Luxury award, but i've already done 10 above, so they can be shared between the two awards!

Name your favourite color: Pastel and glitter colours!
Name your favourite song: Difficult! Hurry Go Round by hide is probably one of my faves
Name your fav dessert: Lemon Meringue pie for sure!
What is pissing you off? Currently, not anything really, but generally, it's people who talk crap 24/7
When you're upset, you... Frown a lot and go really quiet
Your favourite pet: I'm not sure! Can't answer this one >.<
Black or White? Black! I wear so much black haha
Your biggest fear is...: Spiders T_T
Your best feature is...: Eyes
Everyday attitude: Be Fabulous!
What is perfection? Nothing can always really be perfect, but some nice food and a nice place to eat it with a nice person is always nice :)
Guilty pleasure: Playing Zelda!

And for these 3 blogs, I must award 15 people, and these are the people I have picked!
2) ViiviCupcake Couture
3) BecciKira Kira Dreams
4) JouShushulia
5) SamiMacaron Dreaming
6) EmmieCandy Cutie
7) MichiKila Kila Glam
8) LishaWindy City Gal
9) KiaraKay Woww
10) TomasaTomo Jewel
11) KyraOG Kaizo
12) IngvildZoraland
13) CristinaInstant Mint
14) PaiSimple Gal Life

Congrats to those i've awarded! Talk soon!


  1. Thank you for the award dear ♥

  2. Aaaw thank you neko!!!! i loved you when i first met u as a silly wild manba & will always love you!! <33333

  3. Congrats hun :)
    And lemon meringue FTW lol <3

  4. Thank you so so much Eilish! I'm so happy you nominated me cause you're one of my inspirations!!!

    LOTS of love ♥

  5. @everyone: YOU'RE VERY WELCOME!! 8D i'm honoured to be able to know such great Gals all around the world with such fierce style!