Saturday, 18 June 2011


Im going to go to work now, at just before 8am! I finish at 3 today though so I don't mind 8D We have some hard house DJs today for an event called RIOT! so if you're in London you should swing by and check it out! Starts at 3 and CDs will be given out!

On another note, I just finished my royal was yuuuummy and fit for a kid like me! Needed more ketchup imo though... And my eye? I left my lash glue at mine and I have none here at Adam's ;z lame!

Have a great Saturday!


  1. damn i love your natural eye color... that is natural right? @.@ its so pretty

  2. You have very pretty eyes :D

  3. I agree with Mint and rivriv, you have beautiful eyes~

  4. @mint; thank you^^!! Yes it's my natural colour! It changes depending on the light too!

    @rivriv; thank you so much ^^!!!!

    @kyaseji; thank you also, you're really kind!^^

  5. Oh is that like spaghetti-ohs on toast? It looks so interesting XD

  6. @sara mari: kinda! it's pasta in the shape of princesses!

    @monica: 8D cute and weird, yay! i'll send you some in the mail, to spread the princess love!