Monday, 27 June 2011

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside...

Hello! Happy Monday to everyone!

How was your day? The weather here is SO HOT! I've been partially melting all day. If I were an ice lolly...i'd be fucked :p Today I met with Jess, as it's been forever since I last met with her. We went into town and got our nails done!

The last time I officially got my nails done was in Japan last October

But I did do a set by myself at the beginning of the year^^! I've also worn stick-ons, but I love real nails much better as (obviously) they stay longer!

I went to a regular, low-key salon where crazy nail art is not really common, so I decided to get plain nails that I could customise at home! I have a whole nail set - tips, UV lamp, powders, liquids etc but I wanted to get the base done by a salon this time (mainly because it always takes aaages if I do it lol)


Finished..part one! Plain, pinky nails
I was originally going to have a graduated glitter but the salon were like WTF (none of them spoke perfect English so it was hard) and were even surprised and kind of looked offended when I asked for my tips to be really long! T_T but anyway, I chose the pink (it's by O.P.I. but don't know the name) and decided to leave them just pink. When I got home I was really undecided about how to actually do my nails so I looked around in my kit and decided upon....

A sea theme!!

 I've always wanted a sea themed nail set but never got round to doing so until now! I hope you like them as much as I do :D! I have Legoland and dundundun X JAPAN (!!!!!!) tomorrow so i'm going to try and get an early night! 



  1. The first set of nails are amazing! They're definetly my nail style!

    I love your set too, they remind me exactly of the sea! I love the colour of the blue glitter! And the little stars/pearls/shells are so cute~

  2. So longgg :O :O
    Ive not really seen any sea themed nails before, I really like these :D Really good for the season too!

  3. I thought Little Mermaid when I saw those! Very very cute! How do you go about your daily life with those though? They're sooooo long *___*

  4. Those nails are gorgeous!!! Did you use loose glitter and set with clear varnish? I know nothing about nails but I'm thinking of buying a gel nail kit and starting to learn this summer.

  5. CLASSSSY!!! Perfect theme for summer! :D

    starfish so cuuuuuuute!!

  6. Love them! So summerish!!!
    I've seen sea theme nails on Yumachi quite often, so I always wanted to do them too!

  7. eoshcnksemoiskcnoeho I love your nails!! *______* They are so pretty ´w´

    Kisses <3

  8. I love the nails, Eilish! I want to have my nails done too!

  9. @elizabeth: I loved my CARRY set soooo much! It sucks that I had to get them removed so soon though ;'( i'm in love with my own nails (lol) but they're so cute, I can't stop looking or tapping things with them... Thank you girl!^^

    @sami: they become popular during these summer months and always look so fresh and colourful so I had to finally do some myself! they're not long enough haha!

    @kyaseji: that's so true omg! haha, I love Ariel so that's a good thing! It takes practise I guess! I'm used to having long nails every now and then so the more you do it, you become used to them! Thank you~!

    @jou: I used loose glitter and acrylic gel! I have my own kit/system at home with various powders, liquids, and I have lots of tips, deco and even a nail drill and lamp! Sally's have really good starter kits (gel or acrylic) so maybe try one of those? They also sell DVDs of how to do nails and it's easy to learn yourself!

    @kei: yayy summertime! i snapped the end off one starfish the other day ;'( but it still looks good!

    @rii: thank you!! Yeah, summer is my fave! I know~ I love Yuma's nails so much!

    @miyu: hehe thank you so much!^^

    @monica: we should have a big nail date when you come to London!! :D!!!

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