Monday, 7 June 2010

Internet dreaming

While I work on a fake tan review (AND LOTS OF OTHER POSTS IVE SAID ILL DO!!), im bringing you a blog about the weird and wonderful world of the Internet and also of dreaming. (LONG BLOG AHEAD! DON'T READ IF YOU CAN'T BE BOTHERED TO READ LOTS. THERES A TOPLESS MAN HALFWAY THROUGH THOUGH)


Ill start with Dreams. I wrote about dreams for an English paper when I was in 6th form, but my teacher didn't find it very! I think dreams are so odd, but kind of cool at the same time. I dream an awful lot, and I don't usually have normal dreams. But what are normal dreams? I guess where something good happens and there's a happy ending? Or just a usual situation, like going to a store, or going to the park or something!

My dreams consist of things that just don't make any sense. I could be somewhere like, say, another country that ive been to before, and I know its that country or place, but it looks nothing like it, and its odd! I also tend to dream about things that ive seen throughout the day, and have more than one dream a night. For example, here are my dreams from last night, which don't make any sense:

Dream 1 (short because I was woken up by my boyfriend rolling me over to the other side of the bed): Im at a fashion show, and designers like Chanel and D&G are sending their models out without shoes...BUT; the shoes are painted on their legs...really elaborately, like really well done, and they are colours like purples, pinks, blues, violet, all kinds of baby colours, with crystals and stuff all over them! And I am saying to myself "oh my god..this is the next biggest fashion movement and I seem to be the only one who knows about it!" (because its only in my dream where only I cans ee it if you get me lol) and I am saying to myself that I must blog about it because the designers will see it and say "GENIUS".


Dream 2: I am in some weird mushroom, fairytale land, and its like green, purple and blue-ish colours, think Alice in Wonderland style, but theres a city there? With a university and houses and stuff, and I have my own flat, but when I look at it from the outside, like a voyeur, my place of living looks like a Polly Pocket house or something, and the inside looks like a hotel room with a mini kitchen inside. My house looks like a face? A weird face with green skin, purple hair and white eyes..haha! Anyway. I meet up with my friend and somehow it suddenly switches to nighttime and ive been turned into a vampire...? Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer is there..just hanging out with us, as he does...what?
And its just like, hit me that im not human anymore, and im trying to hide the fact that im a vampire, but I keep seeing all these pointed objects, not even stakes and its creeping me out, I mean, I know im immortal, but if people know im a vampire, im won't be immortal for very long! Spike is looking through a book or something, and aparently we know what the future is going to be like already (although its not like year 3000, its like year 1510 or something weird :z:z) and im like "well, thats cool because im immortal!!!" and I think Spike has already caught on that im a vampire and he's like "you're a vampire??" and im like oh shit.."yeah".

Then he gives me his flat...okay, and we end up going out, but he lives in my like, weird polly pocket flat which is girly on the inside so I kind of realise, like what the fuck, why don't I just go back to my own place....And I get a friend to help me take stuff to my "new" flat, and he says "okay...whats with the colour?" because the door is black and red, and I say "oh, its my brother's flat", trying to pass it off...and then I call Spike to get him to bring my stuff over, like posters and that and then my boyfriend wakes me up in real life again, and when I go back to sleep my dream carries on (a lot of people are like woah!! at that) and im now in bed with Spike HAHAHA and I have three boobs...right okay, and he's saying "I need you to help me be a good guy, because everyone thinks im bad, but you're good, you need to help me" and thats it....

WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK MAN. Its funny though, because Spike acts and speaks with the same voice as my boyfriend so its not really like im...cheating? haha! He laughed when I told him anyway..But ladies..come on!

But do you see what I mean? Im crazy! This happens on a regular basis! I swear, I could write a novel, or bloody fan fiction or something! The last dream was influenced by the Chaos Bleeds video game, and the future (although its not really) is influenced by an advert I saw on TV for "Apocalypse week"

Now that ive scared you away from my blog forever, id like to bring you some interesting and funny finds from the internet:

1: Lady Gaga X Barbie
Now I know what you're thinking...Mattel is actually allowing this collaboration? With all her crazy antics and outfits? No way! Although I did see some classy Barbies in Kiddy Land in Harajuku! No, in fact, someone has gone out of their way to customise Barbie and make her just like Gaga! Im not a huge fan of Gaga myself because although she has all this "individuality", a lot of her outfits and such are taken and/or inspired from others from long before her....But yes:

For more photos, visit the Flickr!

2. Okay, so its kind of old, and a lot of music spoofs are done all the time, but if you still haven't seen them, then check out The Midnight Beast. They've done a few song parodies and make up their own stuff, and they're FUCKING HILARIOUS! Even Ke$ha was impressed with their parody of her song, Tik Tok

Sources: my fucked up brain, youtube, flickr, google, a blogspot know :)


  1. Woah strange dreams! I have them too, like i dreamt that me and my friends went to a themepark one so cheese of an alien and then had to strip tease to get on a train... All crazy and random like... ANYWAY

    Woah, gaga and barbie? Hmm.

  2. I have strange dreams too, not recently since I've been sleeping heavily, but often times I just wake up with a strange feeling and vague memories of the dreams. Mine usually involve Asian guys, robots, swimming pools, living in a public restroom for 6 years, and my grandma's house haha!