Wednesday, 30 June 2010



Ive come to tell you about the Music Video I did! And also to bring you the *NEW* mini album by egg favourites, Aina and Yumachi!

I might as well tell you as to how I got the job in the first place; Max (who used to do the Roppongi Street clubnights in LDN) got a message from a production company who were looking for different styles of dances that aren't really seen, or haven't been seen here yet and somehow, they found Para Para, and wanted Max to appear in the video. Unfortunately, Max is currently living in Japan, but passed my name onto the team instead.... And then came the QUICK process that landed me the role! So, big thanks to Max for helping me out on this one, especially since I thought he was funny with me when he moved to JP :3

I got a wall post from Max, and then a message on Facebook from the team telling me that they were after a Paralist and that they got my name from Max! I gave them a call rather than relying on email, and went in for a casting 2 hours later. They videoed me doing some freestyle para to the artist's song (which was SO difficult as the song is a lot slower than para!) and then sent that to the Record Label to see if they would approve me, which they were hoping for as they said they really liked the stuff I did, so it was all fingers crossed~!

I had a wardrobe fitting booked at the same place, even though I hadn't yet been approved by the label, as they hadn't got in touch with the production company. 1 hour before coming in for the fitting, I got a call to say that I had definitely been approved, which was awesome! I brought along some stuff, like my sailor fuku and they fitted me with a fuku-like outfit from their own wardrobe. The filming was the next day, but because I was at work, "special allowances" were made for me lol...

I arrived at the studio at 3PM straight from work, even though the dancers (there were 6 of us in all) were supposed to arrive at 12PM to get hair and makeup started. They told me I would probably be shot last, and I was worried that everyone was waiting on me, but luckily nothing had been filmed, so the dancers had been sitting around for a while just practising and chatting so I settled in and got my hair and makeup done, as well as get changed

Damn quick! The other dancers all had styles I had never really seen, apart from one guy who did Locking. The original style of the video was supposed to be like a Japanese TV show but they changed it to a disco themed talent show instead, but me and another person's dances didn't fit because the overall theme was the "70s" and our styles were 80s, 90s and 10s! so.... I actually felt pretty much an outcast because the other people (ranging in ages 17-31) are all professional dancers. 2 of them went, and one still goes, to bloody Pineapple Dance Studios... YEAH!

They were all talking in dance lingo and I was like "riiiight then..." and then they asked me where I trained to do my dance and I said "er....I learnt it off the internet actually" and their faces just dropped. Maaaan. I was some sad para kid and these guys were really dead serious! I mean, don't get me wrong, im serious about Para, but doing gis like music videos and commercials and stuff is THEIR LIFE. wth! and they get paid (or so they were saying) PROPER good money! Yet, they pass it off as if its nothing...spoiiilt. One of them did the McDonald's World Cup UK advert and was in it for a few seconds and got paid (so he said) £8fuckingthousand.


Now, I don't know if thats really true but he seemed dead serious, as did the others. And what was scary was that they kept saying "you're one of US now, you're part of our little group!" and "when you get an agent you'll be working all the time! maybe with us too!"....don't get me wrong, they are nice guys, but who wants to sign someone who does crazy brown (i.e.manba and/or banba) and para para to an agent??? apart from that, the shooting went well! they wanted me to make a routine, so I made up soemthing that wasn't a complete avex or etc routine, with lots of hearts (they asked me to!) and when I did the hearts the WHOLE room went "AWWWWWWWWWWWWW OMG!!! SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"!

We finished at 10pm and I got back at DAMN tired.

I don't want to put up lots of videos because I don't want to get into trouble, but the video comes out in 2 weeks so : )

AND NOW for Yuma and Aina!
I preordered the Limited Edition version of the mini album, which is called QUEEN:

And I not only got the album, but I also got a LAGGY towel and hair scrunchie! LAGGY is the clothing line that the girls have come up with, but its pronounced really weird! You'd think it would be "LA-GEE" but they say it as "LA-GU-JI" ....huh? lol! I know its for the Japanese translation or whatever but there could have been a better way around it, like ラーギー or something. nevermind!

(not this yellowy - it was bad lighting, very sunny!)

(a cute sticker I got!)

My towel and scrunchie!

Ive uploaded the album onto Gal_Style at lj for all of you to enjoy~(once its approved)



  1. wow koneko that sounded great except from the other dancer being spoilt I can't wait to see the video!! congrats on this

  2. Wow, can't wait to see the vid :)

  3. Girl~ you iz famous! ^o^

    thanks for sharing! Yumachi & Aina look so classy in that getup! looool~