Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Thank goodness...

As promised...

So on Monday night I went out for a meal to the ever classic TGI Friday's. Kind of funny that I went on a Monday huh? I was just thinking and its kind of funny...I went to the Leicester Square one with my boyfriend, and it struck me that 2 years ago I went to that one for the first time when I first got into Gal and had just made HIBISCGYARU. I went back to the same one last year when I was more into gyaru, and ive just gone again now that I consider myself a fully fledged gal! And all around the same time! May/June! WEIRD!

Each Friday's is basically the same, loud decor and the same for the music, although the L.Sq restaurant had funny music that would either start slow and then resume to the correct beat and timing of the song, or the other way round and start of really fast. We listened to Fall Out Boy too slow and Beyonce way too fast...hmm...sort your DJ out! I used to go to Friday's in Kingston quite a lot for my friend's birthdays, which was fun. We would have £20 which we would spend as little as we could on food, and the rest on cocktails even though we were underage. And the nights we went when it wasn't someone's birthday, we would pretend it was just to get the free dessert! Wiiiild...not! haha! But I loved those times! I have to say though; their cocktails are pretty gorgeous, especially the Gremlin, so who wouldn't want to go all out and get ultimate size in everything?

My personal food favourites from there include anything with their fabulous Jack Daniels glaze, or side sauce. YUM! Although, it does get a little sickly after a while of dipping and stuff. NOW TO SHOW YOU SOME FOOD AND MAKE Y'ALL HUNGRY! But while looking back, im now really hungry too...gah!

Menu...and a slightly better photo of the Gremlin

FAB starter. Chicken strips with sesame Jack Daniels dipping sauce!

Main...Jack Daniels big burger mess of a thing...looks GROSS but was TASTY!

Going back to Cavewoman roots!

Oh, and this is funny; I asked our waiter (well..waitress lol) if I could take a photo..."Hi! I write a blog and I was wondering if I could take your photo : D"

Their uniform is cuuuuuute! They have lots of random pin badges and stuff! He didn't have as much as others, but aww! He said I have to fill out his satisfaction survey (what I used to get customers to do when I was a waitress) because he agreed to let me have a photo lol

On other things, I will be deco-ing my new phone once I get the upgrade! Im stuck at phone right now though....kind of half resting on either a new blackberry or something else...hmm!

Anna Sui style! (except for pink random stuff on bottom right....that as a free gift) I need to get lots more though! More nail varnish bottles, and more gems! I also got Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds for Gamecube haha! I started playing today and its so cool! You can do the same thing she does in the program; beat the shit out of them and then quickly stake them! Class! And it only cost me £5 : D

Ill be doing a mini review for fake tans soon!


  1. mmm jack daniels burger :_______)

  2. Haha, TGIF is everywhere I guess. The local one near me closed quite a few years ago, so I don't often eat there.

    Looks like you had a fun time, and I hope that waiter can get more flair (what they call the pins and badges) soon haha

  3. Hey koneko :)

    Can you upload the puri kura?

    Thankies :P