Monday, 28 June 2010

news baby


Staying true to the short "blog" today, heres an update of my wonderful, boring life! (And im not going to make this blog really like, wordy, like they always are, my bloody life story)



Living TV (women's channel in the UK) has been airing all the old seasons of America's Next Top Model right from the beginning so ive been watching those. I used to watch it religiously but stopped watching the series with Jaslene (can't remember number) halfway through (I know who wins anyway but still) so its been good to catch up! I guess its because a new, well, I say "new" but its always old by the time it
 hits us after showing in the US, cycle is coming on the screen soon! Another Britain's Next Top Model is airing on July 5th...what a flop that is. Im sorry but its just not that good! I caught the finale of Australia's Next Top Model and its odd! The public vote for the winner, as do the judges :z they don't look back at all their old stuff, they just say how well they thought a certain girl did in the competition and how much they like them and they get a point, and then the public cast a vote and whoever gets the most points, wins :z I don't know...whatever lol

I haven't had anymore Spike dreams...come on James Marsters! Where are you in my head?? lol! I watched an interview with him from like, last summer, and I didn't know he was in the Dragonball Z movie! He also looks damn old....ill be the Bunny to his Hugh Hefner! LOL. While I haven't been dreaming of James Marsters or watching ANTM, ive been working and meeting up with the Gal Circle! Saturday just gone we went to a theme park, Chessington World of Adventures. Think of it as a tamer, closer and smaller Thorpe Park. Noone wanted to go on big or scary rides so it was perfect for us to go to! I used to go a lot as a kid and stuff, and my NHS trust (there are all different ones around the country) used to hire out the whole park (for 7,000 people) and my Dad would get tickets for £5 each. Baaaaaaargain. And it was cooler because it was open at nighttime, and didn't close at stupid o'clock (5PM ...) For those of you that haven't got the delightful social networking site that is Facebook, or haven't got me as a friend, here are a couple of photos, and ill upload some videos later:

And my make up (which I was really proud of ! but the photo doesn't show well : D )

The week before, my girl Floz had a BBQ which was class! I only have a few photos from this, mainly of the claaaaassy corner shop which sold all sorts of random jelly toys, and some videos....

In other news that I mentioned in the mini post today, im going to be in a music video! I know I spoke a looong time ago about a guy wanting me to do Para Para for an American artist, but that kind of fell through. This is for a proper production company and band! The artists are called The Count & Sinden and the track is featuring the popular UK Indie band, The Mystery Jets, so its looking good! The clothes ill be wearing are..interesting lol, but thats show business as my boyfriend said lol. Oh, ill be doing Para Para for the video, along with 5 other young dancers doing alternative styles of dancing. Ive heard there is something similar to Vogueing so that will be really interesting! Watch Benny Ninja go! He's so flexible and fabulous!

and last but not least...ive been going back to old school music!

Such a class song! even if the styling isn't amazing, but check out the class dancing too!



  1. the theme park looked fun so did the BBQ wow your going to be on a music video congrats it sounds awesome!

  2. Congrats on getting your plane tickets booked!

    I haven't watched ANTM for a long while, I like the girls in the earlier cycles, but the newer girls are either blah or argh! haha

    The photos are very fun! I can't wait to see you in that music video^^