Tuesday, 15 June 2010

an interesting day

How many of you have ever suffered from a shitty day? Most of us right? I swear, I seem to be affected by them SO MUCH.

Yesterday when I was leaving my man's house, the bus I was on got shot at. What the fuck!!!!
The plexiglass in the window made such a huge popping noise and it was all shattered, and you could see where the window had been aimed at...it was so weird, and not to mention freaky! My sister gets on that bus after school....like, imagine if it had gone right THROUGH the window and she had been on it...thats way to horrible to think about. I mean, I know I said before about my town not being that great, don't get my wrong, I don't live in the ghetto where people are living in fear or anything, but there are nasty people here, I mean, there was a drive by shootout down the road and the whole place got closed off, it was like the apocalypse...


I had to get off the bus and get on another one ¬_¬ and I had to pay twice. Dude.

Later on when I was going to my Japanese tutor (yeah, I need to SERIOUSLY think about that now), an ATM decided it would be funny to take my card and then switch off. Great. THANKS A LOT! After entering my PIN, everything froze, so I couldn't select any kind of service, so I kept pressing "cancel" to get my card back, and the whole ATM decides its not going to have any of it. I didn't realise, but although its like a machine, its run by like, Windows XP??? wth? Yeah, so it rebooted itself and declared itself "out of use" but then was "working" after it completed its reboot, and still didn't give me my card back! I waited for half an hour in the cold and rain (its supposed to be June isn't it???) for it to do nothing!

My telephone conversation with the bank was rather amusing, not to mention, ANNOYING;

Bank: Hello, has your card been lost or stolen?
Me: An ATM has decided to eat it
B: Oh right, okay. Now, do you have your account details with you?
M:... The ATM has STOLEN my card with my DETAILS on it
B: Oh right...let me take your full name and home details then

[after giving her my details]

B: Im not finding anything on our system, are you sure you're a customer?
M:...If I wasn't a customer why would I be calling up to say that one of YOUR cards has been LOST inside one of YOUR machines?!
B: Oh right...Are you certain you have an account with us? Because im not finding anything here
M: Are you having a laugh?
B: No im not actually
M: Well neither am I!
B: You're going to have to call us up later with your details at hand and we can help you then. Are you close to home at the moment?
M: I won't be there for another 2-3 hours at least....
B: Oh right...Well, theres not much I can do now, and besides, the ATM will have destroyed your card so you don't need to worry
M:!!!! Destroyed it?? WHY, THAT IS SOOO DUMB
B:....Well, a lot of the new machines tend to do that
M: So if I walk off, its not going to spit the card out at someone else?
B: No
M: Well, good then
B: Yes...
M: So how long until I can get a new card?
B: Around 7-10 working days
M: Oh you;re having a LAUGH
M: Right well, cheers then
B: Is there anything else I can help you with?
M: ...NO

Thank GOD ive still got my old cashcard account, so I can at least use that until my new card comes. But its just so annoying because I have to cancel all my eBay and stuff like that, and ive just done a new payment for something so ill have to cancel that now too..grrr!

Im going to eat some penguin bars and...make Buffy characters on the Sims 3...and...play Harvest Moon!!!!
: D


  1. Ugh banks just don't seem to ever get it right, losers. As for shooting you need to make gyaru style bullet proof vests :P

  2. I know I often take for granted that I've never been involved in a violent situation even though I live in "Murderapolis"

    Do you really have to cancel all your orders and stuff? They have to give you a whole new account or just a new card? Either way, that situation is ridiculous!

  3. lol, the conversation was sooo hilarious to read xDDDDDDDD !!!!

  4. Harvest moon ♥ I love video games in general ♥♥♥ I spent most of last night playing 'Fable II' (which is awesome now! you can play a girl ♥ finally something nice to watch XD )

    I got my card eaten once. I was lucky that it was just outside of my bank so I went inside, stood in line, waited for my turn, talked to a man, got my card back...WORST PART THO is that it eat my card again. I gave up, went inside, took out some money and asked for a new card. Blergh.

    About the bus: that is horrible. It never happened here but damn...That sure is something. *sighs* I'd be so upset if it happened to me or my own little sister. Hope you are okay ♥

  5. Wow, that's a crappy day if I ever heard of one! D:

  6. Gave you an award sweetie~


  7. I read this yesterday (and should have commented) and when I went to the cash machine today to get money out of my account all I could think was pleaaase don't eat my card. X3 I've never had it happen to me but I would be distraught if it did.

    If I was you, after the bus incident, I'd never want to go on a bus again! That is so horrifying, especially if your Sister uses that bus too. The worst we've had here is kids throwing eggs at buses, but I did once hear someone threw a hammer at a bus here.