Saturday, 24 July 2010

feeling hot hot hot

Hey y'all~

Im sunburnt...¬_¬ it sucks man! The first time this year/summer ive managed to catch the sun in the wrong way. Ive been lucky, but this week ive definitely been cursed with something. I have bruises all over my legs, a whole bottle of wine fell on my foot and I have a rash all over my legs. woop. DAMN ATTRACTIVE!


I got this award from Aki!

The Rules:

1. Thank the person who gave you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass the award onto a few bloggers who you have recently discovered.
4. Let these blogs know that you have awarded them the Versatile Blogging Award.

7 things about me? okay!

1) IM MAD (but y'all knew that already)
2) I like unusual, random things
3) My music taste ranges from classical to hard, heavy rock
4) I LOVE taking Purikura
5) I want to live in and hopefully work in Japan someday
6) I want to be famous...yeah I said it while you only thought it...haha

Thanks Aki! Ill make a post maybe tomorrow awarding people this award!


Today was supposed to be the July meet for HIBISCGYARU but it didn't really turn out that way as not everyone was able to come. It was still a good day (minus the sunburn and rashes) as those of us that did go; Ivan, Floz, Caryn, Georgie and Chris, Floz' fiance; had a BBQ and it was great! We had meeeeega para session too : D The boys are a big help with the BBQ, not that us girls don't know how to cook and whatever, but its their thing you know? Besides, im proving to be good housewife material for my man and he loves it. He always says hes lucky to have me as I have all the essentials like cooking and sewing and stuff. He also tells me im GORGEOUS!! yay :D

Ivan starting the BBQ. Love the class guy behind... There was like some huge colony of people that came later on with a HUGE tent and everything it was like wtf? and they were taking mick out of us doing para and filmed us thinking they were "funny"...fucks sake

Chris BBQin'

classy mix of tunes. haven't listened to Mr.Zombie in aaaaaaaages! best.album.ever!

me and my classy sunburn ¬_¬

Those are the only photos I took all day! Sorry guys~

On Thursday we did the Gal Culture talk, which turned out pretty well! Here are some videos that Midi, the owner, took:

On another note....
Kaoru Watanabe's baby is damn cute...BUT

I swear its a boy?

I hope Kaoru goes all classy pop styley again soon!

Her currently; classy!

And last year...or year before? Love the own name tattoo haha

OH! And ive decided im definitely getting my hair done like

And with thanks to Mitsu's blog post on Japanese nail salons, I can get my nails done in JP!



  1. Nooooo don't join the sceney pink hair brigade!! >_< I love you all blondie! xx

  2. you looked great at the culture talk! I love watanabe's hair

  3. Ouch, the sunburn looks painfull O-o
    And im really looking foward to see the pink hair. I think is going to look good the blond hair to have XD

  4. @Floz: pink is the way forward!! haha : D
    plus, this is probably the only time id get a chance to do it >.<

    @Ami: thank you! I actually hate all the photos that were taken of me as they were taken while I was talking, or laughing or something and my face looks distorted. the fact that I have crazy makeup doesn't help out haha

    @Maria: its not too bad! Ive been applying, or should I say SLATHERING after-sun on it since I got home : D thank you! I am too! I hope it turns out okay!

  5. loving that last picture!!! So lovely hair :)

  6. Awww well if anyone can rock it I'm sure you will, I do love manba make with pink hair =D xx