Saturday, 17 July 2010

the rush to be lush



I have some grrreat news! Its going to be grreat! They're gonna taste grreat!

(Just to annoy y'all UK kids)

Yeah. So; the great thing is that I have a new boss at work! Well, a new person in charge of me and the other Theatre Aides (my job title) : D! Shes a Senior ODP - operating department practitioner - and my dad and everyone had known her for ages. Shes a classy, tell-it-to-your-face American woman and I love her! She really has always looked out for me at work so its great to know I have someone I actually like and trust to be in charge of me! And, she's being fairer than the PRICK I had before, and actually giving me more shifts - which he said he couldn't give me - so ill be back to working 5 days again..a long stretch but my purse will most definitely enjoy this!

Aside from this, Ive come to share some photos and stuff, as per. I got my camera back from Niijii the other week, so here are the photos from the same day as this post:

stupid guy took a picture while I had my eyes and doing mash potato...






And then when I went back to Nij's, I dressed up as a fortune teller..haha! I actually liked the look!

There are other photos but im not uploading them here LOL. There are some videos ill try and upload through the Blogger video thing, maybe the next blog post~

Last weekend, I went to Norwich to see gals! I saw Toni, Bloomzy, Alanna, Claire, and their friend Katie :D
We had a great time hanging out, chatting and going round the stores. Toni said "oh, Norwich isn't very big really"..ITS DAMN HUGE!

I was cheeky and went 1st class on the train as it was cheap with my railcard (which ive just remembered that I need to renew...shit) and it was soo comfrotable. I really didn't have much sleep that week so I nearly went to sleep on the way but couldn't because I realised my hair would go all funny, and I was wearing extens so I didn't really feel like chancing it to be honest. PHOTOS:

my breakfast on the way to LDN to get the train

We went to a Japanese restaurant called Sakura which was run by REAL Japanese people! Im sick of going into "Japanese" restaurants with rude as hell Chinese and Korean staff...
I had to sharpen this as the woman that took it, took it blurry
There was a festival going on! and to mention that it was DAMN HOT. like 30+ degrees!
Hello Kitty items at H&M, my fave : D
Supplies for the train home, yes, 3 magazines, 4 if you count COSMOPOLITAN's "31 days of Summer Sex" haha

Last Tuesday I went to the monthly Japanese social event in London (one is the second month of every Tuesday, and one is every Thursday) and we saw this on a table:

A girl had sat here and made bunnies out of all different coloured papers! The Zebra one was instead of black paper I think as it went down in colours. Sorry for bad photo, but it was sooo cute!

THIS COMING THURSDAY, 22ND JULY, the Gal Circle, (well, some of us) are doing another Culture Talk at Kyoto Event, so if you happen to be in London, please come!

I almost forgot to say! I have my first photoshoot in 2 yearson Monday! exciting!
And Im still waiting to see the MV! I can't wait ~

For my last set of photos, me and my sister went shopping today. I had to make a return to H&M, but there isn't one in my town, so I went to another one, Wimbledon (yes, where they play tennis and eat strawberries at select times of the year) and ended up making a return, as well as some purchases, but I only spent £30 so im dead happy : D SALES are everywhere! yay!

LUSH Dark Angels. Its actually like, jet black, but the lighting in the room made it a grey-ish colour

LUSH Fresh Farmacy. I haven't a photo of the item as I haven't opened it yet, so check out the website's listing instead.

I love this bag! Its like a fake Pauls' Boutique bag haha

I love this on the inside of the tee! SO true : D

Thats it! OH and if you're from the UK and haven't seen Misfits yet, THEN FUCKING WATCH IT
(I don't know if you'd be able to in US, sorry!)

(can't embed)

(that video explains it for you US viewers!)



  1. Oh god I do not photograph well. You could have at least put me in a different post...since everyone else (esp. the street snaps) are amazing ;D

    Nice buys too.

  2. Noice post girly, man I LOVE that bag! River Island has gotten so good recently, suddenly it's full of awesome.

    Lol @ at the Frosties song, for some reason we sing it a lot at home...

    Looks like the Norwich meet was a lot of fun too =) And OMG I love your fortune teller look, totally classin' xx

  3. loving niijiis hair wig/piece it looks great! the harem pants look great too on niijii. You rock the crop top so well your stomach is so flat!!

  4. Argh, big awesome post! Too much to comment about. I like the street snaps of you, and you and Niijii both have the most amazing pants. Grabby hands.

    First class is really the only way to go (if you can afford it, which I never can TT) It looks like you guys had a great meetup despite the hot weather!

    I like the inside of the dress also. It is a bit sad to go untalked about haha.

  5. like your jeans on the Street Snap!
    Cool style you've got!!! (Like EGG magazine)