Tuesday, 20 July 2010



Ive just realised im really hungry...oo...one second!


Right, im back with some food.

Last Sunday I met up with Caryn, Nij and Floz to practise for our Para Para performance at the upcoming Japanese Art Festival next month! We'll be performing on both days as well as teaching two different routines (one for each day) so it should be really awesome! With regards to the routine, ive done it before at Roppongi Street last summer with Lucie (who I hope is okay after what happened on holiday!!) but it was kind of disaster as I didn't have time to learn the whole dance properly so I forgot parts while we performed lol...but thats done now! Hopefully I can get someone to record the thing and then put it up here for you all to see! On Sunday, me Caryn and Nij practised for about 3.5 solid hours and then Floz turned up and we practised for another 2, and the next day my arms and legs KILLED! But we have it down! So its all good :)

Unfortunately I had to cancel the photoshoot I was due to have on Monday because of an unexpected illness and I was bed ridden! I couldn't even walk to my bedroom door or roll to my side in bed! It sucked so bad. And of course there was no way id be able to make an hour journey to the studio and an hour journey back PLUS pose etc for a good 4-5 hours! It was so short notice too; I think the photographer was really mad but what can I do? Usually I would have just pushed myself and gone and done what needed to be done, but I couldn't WALK so it was the only choice I had! The next day I was a bit better, I was mobile, but I didn't leave the house just in case I got stuck somewhere haha. I don't think he'll be messaging me back anytime soon....ah well

BEFORE I bore you all to death, I have a TREAT for you all!
Shaka posted about egg's Beauty Summer 2010 which came free in egg August 2010. He asked me if I would scan it and this afternoon/early evening (I know, im terribly precise) ive done just that! Ill be posting it on http://community.livejournal.com/gal_style/ and probably jmagazinescans@lj, but ill post it here FIRST as im nice like that : D!

egg's Beauty Summer 2010

When I spoke to Nij on the phone the other day, we were talking about Japan and what we were going to bring etc and what we were going to do with our hair (its a very important decision you know!) and he broke the news to me that we only have 9 weeks left until we go. 9 WEEKS?!!!!! IM NOT READY YET THOUGH!! I need to save more money, and think about what I need to bring and ah ah ah! Jeez! With regards to my hair, I want to go pink, like ive mentioned in a couple of blog posts away, remember when I was getting my hair done and at the last minute I wanted my hair pink but went against it? Well, I think ill just go for it this time. I was wanting to go pink straightaway and my hairdresser seemed damn excited but ive realised the better decision for both my purse and my hair itself would be to get my hair done as usual (root touch up and toner done so its white/silverish) and the day before I go away, im going to get the pink done! Ill get it done in the early morning and then I have the rest of the day to pack and get stuff sorted : D

Now, for the pink itself, here are a couple of options I have:

faded light pink

magenta/fuchsia pink

cherry pink

So far, the colour/style I like the most is:

I wouldn't have to dye all of my hair, so it would be cool, but it would fade out pretty quickly, but it would be fun to try! Ill have my *new* extensions before I go so ill just take them to the salon to get a few dyed also just so I can mix it well~

I need something that will match well with banba and manba (I haven't done it in ages but I want to be classy extreme when im there which will be fun) so : D fingers crossed!

One last thing before I go, Kyon, old AngeleeK member, is 9 months pregnant next week!



  1. Thanks for the Egg Beauty scans <3

    I love the magenta/blonde one too.

  2. wow I love that pink blond hair style! thanks for the eggs scans! japan sounds so exciting!

  3. I should do parapara for my fat arms maybe, but honestly I am not good with choreography haha.

    I know! Only 9 weeks huh? XD It seriously goes by so quickly. When you get here I will already be long gone TT I'm jealous of you haha!

    I think I see more gyaru here with the lighter pink tones, but it's still a rare color. You should totally go with your gut feeling! (every time I go against my gut things end badly ><)

  4. Beautiful Pink Hair!!!
    Wanna see you guys dance para para!!!
    Night of Fire!!!!!

  5. By the way...
    I nominated you for an award on my blog!!!


  6. oo thanks Aki!!

    @everyone: i might just do it! im scared, but excited at the same time!!!: D!