Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Hello everyone, this post marks the end of HIBISCGYARU

Since the beginning of the year, theres been a clear problem with drama and friendships and lots of stuff and theres always been a funny tension in the air since that. HIBISCGYARU has always been a blast and its been great to get to know everyone and to meet all the people that have passed through over the past 2 years but I feel that due to recent events and old things, its time for the circle to close.

The circle isn't closing because of one particular thing, its just the time for HIB to fade out. HIB has always been something different to everyone and in the end, it hasn't all really gone to plan or turned out the way it could have done. Everyone knows that all the members are good people and kind and yes there is the two friendship groups, and yes, obviously I have a bad attitude about certain issues and people, but thats always going to be just my opinion and ive never meaned to involve the circle in my ranting and raving in anyway.

I don't want people to see HIB as another BOOTEEK as we all know that's not the case, id just rather people actually respected the circle and its members as real people, rather than just bitches on the net (which is mainly due to me, yes I don't mind taking that blame) but I hope you can see where im coming from.

Im not sure what will happen after this, but ive never had such an amazing time in my life since meeting everybody, and meeting new people has actually boostd my confidence (maybe a little bit too much) but I think its made me a better person in the long run

Thank you all~

p.s. this DOESN'T mean the end of the strongest uk girls....HIBISCGYARU will ALWAYS be known as number 1 and the strongest


  1. Thanks for everything Lish <3

  2. It meant meeting some lovely people in the short time I encountered Hib. Respect to you for knowing when to call it a day. You'll still have the friends you met, whatever happens.

  3. so sad that its ending, but It everything has to end sometime right? I agree with claire you still have the friends you met. I will always remember Hib in a great way because what you and the Gals have done. You really paved the way for U.K gyarus and I had a great time meeting you all.

  4. I honestly don't know much about gyaru circles, but this must have been a big decision. Thanks for letting everyone know. And I look forward to your gyaru posts in the future ^3^

  5. Sad :( have a last meet to celebrate hib! Nice closure to it!