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Wow, since I've been back home I've been waking up super early all the time, mostly due to a whining cat at 5am, but usually around 6:30/7 every day and I don't feel tired! Amazing! I've never felt like that before after sleep, and I have the biggest bags under my eyes 24/7! I pretty much look like I'm dead with no make-up on - my face is pale, and my eyes have that "sunken" look to them haha.

Speaking of no make-up, today I'm meeting up with Dec to be his "fantasy" make-up model! It's going to be really fun and interesting to do! His make-up skills have always been really bad ass and when we were doing Manba still, I think that was just the beginning of his skills becoming great! He's always been awesome at art too, and the two kind of go hand in hand together. I've noticed that a lot of brilliant make-up artists and models are usually as equally talented with a pencil and paper as they are with brush and face!

Anastasija and Ryo are probably two of my favourite MUAs and models, that are both just so! Plus they're my good friends too!

Anastasija (that's her bottom left!) and some of her make-up looks. She is awesome! She uses a lot of gore and goth themed styles for her make-up looks and you can find the occasional fantasy look too! She actually won first place in the Illamasqua Distinction in Make-up Awards for Non-Professional category! (her entry is the bottom right photo) Well done girl! <3 p="">

Ryo (that's her in the above 3 pics, except the bottom left) is just amazing! I've known her for a few years now, and the day I met her, we ended up modelling together for an exhibition! It was amazing! She usually does fantasy, edgy and colourful make-up looks, and you can always find something spooky there too! She also entered the Illamasqua Distinction in Make-up Awards for Non-Professional category (her entry is bottom right) and asked me to be her model! Unfortunately I couldn't as it was too short notice for me to get the day off work, but she did amazingly well! <3 p="">

But as well as these two amazing girls, there are so many others out there that are amazingly skilled! It really makes me wish I had gone further with make-up, but hopefully this year (finally) with some hard work and perseverance, I'm going to do something! I really want to do a Special FX Make-up course, but the only thing that limits me in a way is 1) the price, as these kinds of courses are always super pricey, even for the short courses, and 2) none of the courses are in London! Yes, I could travel, but it's the cost of travelling out of London however many times a week which gets expensive :s But, it's something I've wanted to do for so, so long. and I need to put my mind to it if I really, and truly want to make it happen! Another thing that's creative and interests me, is the production and skill behind the Jim Henson Creature Workshop. That's like, goal 2 I guess! It's an even more limiting thing that I'd love to do, because 1) there are no more workshops in the UK (Jim Henson was an American but a lot of his films were made here in the UK, and they used to have a workshop in Golders Green, close to where I used to live!) so I can't just travel to North London or wherever it is however many times a week, it would have to be in the USA and 2) I'd definitely need some kind of degree in SOMETHING to be able to even dream of working with such talented people! That is something I lack. Haha. I didn't go to Uni because I wanted life experience and to not get into debt. And that's exactly what I got and I've enjoyed it! 

On another note, I know I mentioned being in a hair show and I'm excited to say that the date has finally been arranged! I'm going to get my hair done at the end of this week! It's so exciting and cool! The only thing is that they've asked me to bring alone "rockabilly" style clothing or anything that looks like "Amy Winehouse" lol!!!! I HATE Amy Winehouse. I don't own anything like that! I guess I'll have to beg, borrow and steal!

Thank you to the kind comments on my last blog entry too, since typing it, I still do feel quite good about myself, and I think in a way, I didn't ever realise or think that I'd be able to feel this good about everything so soon after it happening. Maybe this is the way that things are meant to be? We can't see the future, so you never know what could happen! I know I can be strong, and with time on my side, I'll be able to work through this :)

Things like this have been keeping me sane and keeping me happy! See ya!

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