Friday, 22 March 2013

my little pony; another hair adventure!


WOW I have some amazing photos to share with you all! The first ones are from Tuesday when I was a make-up model for Dec! Let me share a bit more information for you~

Dec's assignment for the class was Cirque du Soleil and as there are like 3 different classes, each one was assigned a different section of the actors/characters from the show. Dec's class had to do the clown section! That was quite fun, knowing we would all literally be looking either really crazy or either really hilarious! To be honest, the reality is that Dec was the only one who really stepped out of the box (the jack-in-the-box??) to create his look on me, and I'm not just saying that because he's my friend and I know he's talented! Pretty much the whole class had obviously googled a photo of "clown" and their models ended up each with a slightly different version of a harlequin clown crossed with typical "jolly" clown make-up, and we had to sort out outfits too (the model's jobs), pretty much all of them had the typical clown candy colour 'fro. NO ORIGINALITY!!  The girls really did make an effort but it was a shame there wasn't more individuality in the group.

Except for Dec! That's where the true vision came in lol! Especially with the hair too - Dec made his own wig with real human hair! Want to see some pictures? Okay, if you insist!
haha had to add this one!!
What do you think?! Brilliant or what? It was super fun! And it really was great to see Dec too <3 p="">
It's still weird that on my days off I won't have much to do any more, mainly because most of my friends are usually working during the week (like normal people) so if I don't have a weekend day off, I can't always see them! I have plenty of ideas of ways to fill my time though! Watch this space guys and girls!

This day was great for me as I felt super positive and really happy about the future. I still feel this way, and while we can't predict the future, I feel like mine is going to get better and more exciting from now on! The fun did carry on until today, which was when I was a hair model and got my hair done! I am STOKED at how it turned out, like, I don't think myself OR the hairdresser thought it would turn out this good! This is how my hair was before (no filter on this pic - from earlier today!)

I haven't been putting any dye on it for a few weeks just because of the move and everything and at that point in time I wasn't really all that concerned with the way my hair looked! Plus, I knew the date for the the show would be soon, so it was a better idea to let it fade a bit after a few washes! It still retains a nice pastel pink colour even if I wash it a load of times, so it's guaranteed to look cute still!

And then...

The three colours used on my hair. Now, I usually don't tend to use Crazy Color that much anymore because I find it doesn't always give the results that I want, but I've noticed that a lot of UK salons will use this brand when they do a bright hair colour, mainly because it's accessible (you can get it from most major (and minor) beauty supply outlets, including those specifically for hair salons) and it's not all that expensive. I use Directions by La Riche on my hair currently, mainly because it's cheap, good quality dye that lasts a long time, doesn't stain my clothing/bedding/skin and can also be quite conditioning for your hair. It's also really good for mixing with conditioner! While I love Manic Panic, it's not that easy to get a hold of in the UK unless you buy it from a specific place, and therefore it can be pricey. The tubs are small for the price you pay and in a way, if you have to use a lot of dye for your hair, it doesn't always seem worth it. Their dyes are usually Vegan and the staying power is okay (usually dependant on how often you wash your hair) but from my experiences, the dye can also stain things pretty badly (skin/bedding/clothing and even sinks/baths/tiling) and when it does eventually fade, the pigments go really weird. For example, when my hair was Hot Hot Pink it ended up going a really vivid pink with an almost purple tone to it, but after a few washes, the pink pigments came out quite quickly and it turned a weird orangey colour, which I found strange. Their dyes also aren't the best to use with conditioner, but they have just released a brand new "Manic Mixer/Pastel-izer":

BUT again, you can also use their "Virgin Snow" to mix hair dyes down...a little known fact! Anyway, I still really love CC and MP but at the moment I guess you could say I've taken a "break" from using their colours :)

ANYWAY, carrying on with MY CURRENT hair colour! The three colours we used were "Hot Purple", "Capri Blue" and "Pinkissimo". I've actually used all of these colours at some point! When I had purple hair, I mixed the the blue and purple together to create the colour I wanted:

And when I first dyed my hair bright pink, my hairdresser at the time used the pink to do it:

SO! Here is the result! All three colours were mixed with conditioner and then we also used the pink in neat form for the roots....


HOW AMAZING DOES THIS LOOK?!?!?!?!?!?! There is NO filter used in the above picture, and in real life the colours are even more vivid pastels! I'll try to take a photo in the daylight tomorrow at some point :)
Whilst I was waiting for my roots to bleach before we added the colour, I found this in a magazine and couldn't help but compare:

Hmm..... She's stealing my hair again, lol!

I hope you enjoyed these photos and blog post! See you again soon!


  1. The Cirque makeup looks amazing~ and your hair!!!!!! So perf!

    1. Thank you! <3 It looked so amazing once it was all on and it was like "Wow! This is on MY FACE!!" haha!

  2. Your hair looks amazing! (*o*) I love it! <3

  3. I love the cirque make-up! It's a shame that everyone couldn't be more creative like Dec, although I suppose the fact that everyone elses was similar made his stand out even more. I've seen a few of his make-up pictures, so good!
    And I can't write in words how much I love your new hair colour, it's perfect!

    1. Thank you! I know, but I guess he is just super, super talented lol! He's the bomb, totally needs to get out there and make himself known! Thank you girl! <3

  4. Loving your new hair! Im still to scared to let bleach near mine again haha XD


    1. Hehe thank you! Bleach is a scary thing, but it does wonders to hair haha! <3

  5. AMAZING! Can't find any other words. AMAZING *_*

    1. Thank you girl! Everything seems amazing! And a bit crazy..haha <3