Thursday, 28 March 2013



I wanted to let you all know about some exciting news (it keeps coming, I tell ya!) about some upcoming trips that I have to the wonderful Parisian streets of France!

Yep, that's right, I'm going to Paris! I haven't been since 2007/8 when I went on a school trip (lol) but I used to go to France quite a lot with my family via the Eurotunnel and Eurostar. I think my parents really wanted to make sure me and my sister were "cultured" in some way or another and really enjoyed taking us on day-trips to see France! It's so weird thinking that you can essentially be in another country in about an hour! (dependant on the journey type of course)

Photos from the last time I was in Paris...5 years ago! I look so different in that middle picture (on the left!)

Anyway, I'll be going to Paris twice in the next few months, how lucky! But this is going to be pretty awesome too, as I haven't been anywhere abroad this year, with my last two trips abroad being in the late summer of last year! I'll be going first in May with my Japanese friend Yukika, who I met at the end of last year and who is coming to study in England from April-June! She's so cute, and I actually met her through a music artist, after seeing her in a video on YouTube! I started following her on Instagram and we became friends! It's crazy what can happen online!

Here we are at M&M's world!
She has never been to Paris and wanted to go really badly, and after uploading some photos of Tokyo Disney and Disney Sea on her IG, I was thinking "hmm... maybe we should do Euro Disney!" so, yeah! It's happening! I'm so amped to go! I haven't been to Euro Disney, only Tokyo Disney & Disney Sea!

Tokyo Disney Sea '09
Tokyo Disney '10

I really want to wear my Mickey/Minnie ears hat around the park...I hope I don't forget to pack it!! We'll also be exploring Paris for a day, and it will be nice to find souvenirs and things to take photos of! Haha, what a typical tourist! My second trip to Paris will be in July  and I'll be going with the lovely Michelle who runs Roxie Sweetheart and some other really amazing girls, like Ellen from Cyberdog Brighton! We'll be going to Japan Expo which is something I've wanted to go to for a long time, but never really got around to sorting a trip out! I know there was a UK Japan Expo back in 2007/8 but apparently it wasn't very good, and I don't think they've done one since! I've heard so many great things about the one in Paris, so I'm really excited to be going!

Well, of course I'll be sharing photos and videos of my trips, and of course I shall write about them! I hope you're looking forward to these entries! I'll leave you with this really empowering song by Bif Naked, one of my favourite artists! I felt a bit strange today and listening to this really brought my mood up! Enjoy <3 p="">

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