Friday, 1 March 2013



I wanted to share some recent "gets" with you! As I'm lazy and can't be bothered to take photos on my phone, here are some brilliant stock photos for your enjoyment :D

1: TOPSHOP Acid Wash Denim Hotpants
Lalalalalalalalove these, they are comfy and my butt hands out of them~~<3 p="">

2: TOPSHOP Bleach Denim Dungarees
I look like the cutest farm-hand ever in these. I used to wear Dungarees all the time when I was a kid, and essentially, I'm still a kid, so these are perfect for me

3: New Look Leopard Print Cabin Bag
My friend Maria from work has this bag and for months I've been like "Damn, I'm getting that bag" and the stores near me never have it, and it's ridiculously hard to find online (does not come up when you search for "leopard" or in the Bags

4: TOPSHOP Leopard Print Leggings
After seeing so many people that I work with wearing these leggings, I had to hunt them down (they're from last year/the year before) and so I found some (in pristine condition) on eBay for about £6. Sorted

5: Primark Mens "NY LA" and Sugar Skull Tees
MENS STUFF AGAIN OMG. Because I like the designs. And plus, this girl also has the skull tee :D I'll probably do some cutting on the tops, purely because I want them to look slightly different. The "NY LA" one was reduced, and I think I'll turn it into a vest, and possibly make the skull one off the shoulder. WHO KNOWS.

Noticed how these "gets" aren't anything to do with my "wants" from last week? That's because I haven't gotten around to ordering them just yet :) Pretty much all the items (except the lipstick) are online and I haven't seen them in my store or a store near me yet. The lipstick came into my store and I was actually really disappointed, and it is now OFF the list! In the photo it looks like more of a "bubblegum" purple colour but irl it's more of a darker purple. NOT what I wanted. Damn.

As well as spending money and not paying my rent again, I went to a potential room viewing today which went super fantastically well, and I would quite like to possibly say yes. YAY.

I'll leave you with a great song from BoA! A dance I totally want to learn:

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