Friday, 23 April 2010


Hi y'all!

We got our computer back today.....diagnosis?

Bad.  Haha!

It STILL has a virus on it! Its like, stuck in the registry like superglue! Ive tried so many things to get rid of it but it just won't go. We've worked out its definitely something on my user account but what it is, we don't know. The guy said he deleted my profile and put it back on again...but...he kind of deleted the wrong profile... haha

He's reinstated my old user area that got broken. I couldn't log in but I could still access files through other user accounts. He hasn't actually sorted my current one. *Sigh* NEED MY OWN LAPTOP!!!!
But yeah, this blog was definitely a lot easier to post than my mobile one. I checked it out and there are so many mistakes! It was on a blackberry too! They're supposed to correct you!

The girl at work IS stuck! So ill be covering for her until she gets back. She's stuck in a luxury 5 star hotel in the sun. Poor thing :( But more money for me..yay! I thought id bring you a picture post from this week! Just to show you the kind of things ive been getting up to and seeing, as I think wordswordswords are just a little boring sometimes.

Some other stuff...Tomorrow the galcir is having an oldschool meet. So like, old gal styles, like denim!!! and white loafers!!!! and gross manba!!! woo!!

and best of all,.....TAN!

ill bring photos when, and if I can



  1. Oh bless girl your poor arm DX. I sprayed some of that shite on my arm and got a bad reaction to it too. I don't know anyone whose been able to use it without getting a rash.

    I totally want to wear denim-on-denim for tomorrow! I'm well excited~
    I'm tanning me up as I write~ can't find the flipping mit though.

  2. LOL PHANTOM HUGGER x3 well the sakura looks so nice. Yeah, where I live has stories like that >.<

  3. What is that spray heat stuff?

    Oh I don't want to look at those news stories, it's too depressing ><

  4. I like your blog! :O

    Your town seems like an.. interesting place LOL xD