Saturday, 17 April 2010



My computer has a virus on it, and I can't access the internet, crazy blogs from me for a while! My dad will let me use his laptop occasionally, but has a go at me everytime I use it :\ He reckons that me and my sister break everything. Okay, so he leant us his OLD laptop, and when I say OLD im talking that he bought it when laptops first got big, so maybe early 2000s or just after? 10 years later, and the laptop stops working. I google the problem and find out that OLD LAPTOPS USUALLY HAVE A PROBLEM WHEN THE RAM GIVES OUT. THE FUCKING RAM IS GONE MATE. ITS NOTHING TO DO WITH US, JUST YOUR OLD LAPTOP.


Oh! I have news! After a year of studying Japanese on my Nintendo DS, I've invested in a (real life) Japanese tutor to help me out! He told me that he thinks my Japanese is quite good already which im happy about, as I thought it was quite basic. although I guess I know quite a bit, I don't really get the chance to use it but I thought that I really would need the practise if im planning to go back and forth to good ol' Japan every so often and possibly eventually live out there. But how did I study Japanese on my DS you ask?

With this! My Japanese Coach for Nintendo DS! Here are some other screenshots

It helps you learn by letting you practise characters and by recording your voice against the sensei. You learn about loads of stuff, culture, family, food, etc and you also learn Kanji, which is what ive just started to learn. When you finish a level, you're given the opportunity to learn the stuff for yourself with the help of games, like flash cards, writing cards and others. M favorite game is probably write cards, and now my hiragana/katakana is great!

Whilst being on the Japanese topic, im going back to Japan this October with my girls Niijii and Caryn! We'll be going to Osaka for 3 days and Tokyo for 10. Ill try and bring some more updates when my pc works again!!


  1. Yeah laptops just poop out after awhile. We've recycled a couple in my house already, sorry to hear you've gotten the computer troubles ><

    Oh I got that Japanese Coach game a couple years ago, it looks quite fun. But I'm not the gaming type so I never used it haha.

    Oh you're going to Osaka! That'll be very fun. It seems everyone is going to Japan in October, I want to go with everyone too. Durn my dumb classes haha^^

  2. it sucks!

    its a really good game! when i first got it i was like "wooo!!" but then i stopped playing for ages, and then picked it up again. its surprising how much i have learnt from it :z

    yes!!! i can't wait! aw no!! go anyway : D

  3. Ouu Japanese lessons, good luck :) I always admire your courage at popping off to Japan and getting lessons etc.

    Must admit I loved Tokyo and would be more than happy to go back when I have a job again lol, darn student lack of moolah!

  4. grr old laptops I got the blame too (though I probably did deserve it) I might get that game then if I do want to go to japan! good luck with the lessons and going to japan!

  5. Good luck with your japanese lessons!

  6. I've wanted to buy that game for a while. Seeing asyou say it's good, i think I'll get it now~