Friday, 2 April 2010

Good Friday and the Easter weekend

Happy Easter holidays guys!

It sucks, its my bloody 6 day weekend (5 now that its Friday) and I have nout to do! Yesterday I saw my man, but he only stayed a little bit because he went out to see his friends. I stayed up watching OutKast videos and Buffy The Vampire Slayer.....; D

My Friday nights are so dry now! I never do anything :( I remember going out all the time...and now I don't. Which I guess is good for my purse, but it gets boring! And then the weekend is overrrrrrr

Oh! And to update you on the job front - that telephone interview I had for the lifestyle place...the woman was so unreliable and unprofessional, my god. She never contacted me on Monday or Tuesday, and when I emailied her on Wednesday to share my annoyance and such, she said she would contact me at 5:15 that evening. Come 5:15 and nothing! She didn't get round to calling me 'til yesterday at like 2:30 and I didn't get the job anyway; she sent me an email saying that they were "impressed" with me, but oter candidates were "exceptionally better" ... haha. The meeting with the recruitment agency for the Tolworth Tower job went well. I was late though, but only because I got lost! The guy said that they need to stop giving out the directions they send out because they're wrong :z .... the interview itself will take place around the 19th April, so I hope to god I get something..

My computer's internet won't work, so im using my dad's old laptop which he gave to us a couple years back and I subsequently smashed the screen internally whilst playing Tomb Raider so it was a little "out of action" for a while. It also has no "H" key, just a button where the thing used to be. Its very annoying. The internet won't work on the computer, but it will on this laptop so its like wth is going on. All my pictures etc etc are stored on there so I have to resort to using Memory USB if I really want something. There is also no proper language packs as its only Windows 2000 or XP or something so Ive installed the JP ones, but I still can't type in Japanese, only copy and paste, so that makes things a little more annoying.

I must say, I really am liking the new member of HIBISCGYARU, Floz. She's so down to earth and sweet! We all had a great time last weekend trotting around Selfridges and then having a really long, but good, talk in Macdonalds~ I also want to answer more questions!!!!!!
Formspring meeeeeeeeeee

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  1. i misses hib, even though i sucked at meets >.<

    jp is awesome though, i founded something for you for your hello kitty kitchen xxxx