Thursday, 22 April 2010


I can post blogs on my phone of course, not with Blogger's handy "Blogger mobile" feature, but because my phone feels like behaving :)

So how is everyone? I feel awful! I can't bring you any lame blogs due to having minimal access to the internet! I can't get onto this site at work, but I can seem to look at flights, hotels, online shopping, the galcir forum... :z

Just a quick update I guess for you guys :)
So! I had my 1st lesson with my Japanese tutor on Monday, and it went really well! He told me that I got through 3 weeks worth of work in one hour..haha and said that my knowledge of Japanese at the moment is great. I'm really happy! Bring on lesson 2!
He also found out about manba and the himself! He helped himself to my puri book while it was out and at first didn't seem to see the photos and then I pointed out it was me and he gave the same reaction every Japanese person gives when they see that kind of thing; he laughed and kind of muttered "manba, haha" and then I said it was me again, and his face was like :O hahahaha
He thinks its okay though so : D

So how about this ash cloud then? Its supposed to have moved now? And I think flights are starting up again. My friend's bf was in Cyprus for a 2 week holiday but has been there for 3 weeks instead. He nearly ended up staying a whole MONTH but the cloud is like, dispersing I guess! The girl I cover for at work should be back tomorrow~ but like if she's, not, then its more shifts for me : D haha

I have to worry about money a little bit now. I have a backlog of minimal shifts that I did so I'm getting paid a little each week when I should have really been paid more, its so annoying. And my boyfriend's family has invited me on holiday with them in September, but with Japan happening a few weeks later, I think its like two weeks, I need to try and save as much as I can...
My parents said I should go back to my old job, but that would be the 3rd time I went back if I do decide to.
Pros: job straightaway
Cons: horrible environment, and the reason I left was the manager, getting screwed around with shifts and money...

Is it worth it??!

Hopefully ill get the interview for the Tolworth Tower place I mentioned a few weeks ago; IM STILL WAITING!!!!!

(Sorry for lots of typing in this! I can't post any photos from my mobile I don't think..)
What mobile phones do you kids have?


  1. Hehe that explains why you have replied to my application ^^ don't worry :)

    Good luck with the Jap lessons ^_^

    I just have a sony ericoson.

  2. From what i can remember, that job always screwed you over, and you hated it. I have been in a similar situation recently and you have to ask yourself..... Is doing something i hate and losing that time in my life which could be way better, worth earning a bit more money just to go away for a little while? 6 months of hell, for 3 weeks of heaven?
    hope this helps :)

  3. I just read your comment on my blog, it seriously made me feel a lot better. Thanks Koneko ^^

    I hope your job situation goes ok.

    thanks again :)

  4. Oh that's great you are doing well with your Japanese lessons! I should be doing that too but..oh well! haha!

    Hmm, that job situation sounds difficult. I know how you feel. I don't know if I can recommend going back to an old job. But hmm. You do whatever you think is best, and I am sure it will all end up well^^