Saturday, 3 April 2010

Koneko's bag


So, as the title suggests, this post is about my bag! I know there have been so many of these done before, but this is the 2nd time ive ever done one! I did one for Ricoche a long time ago when I first got into gal,but heres a more updated one! It includes my bag, my purse and make-up bag:

My bag
1: Bag - River Island
2: Make-up bag - Maison Gilfy, free with Nuts magazine
3: Liz Lisa bag - got when I bought something off the net
4: Hairbrush
5: Oyster Card - magical plastic card of travelling!
6: Mega sunglasses - Primark
7: Chewing gum
8: Pen - just in case!
9: Purse - New Look
10: Hello Kitty umbrella - gift
11: Hello Kitty passport holder - gift
12: Vaseline
13: House keys
14: Hello Kitty mirror - China Town Market

My purse
Purse - New Look

1: akasiro restaurant business card
2: P.I.C card - the place I take Purikura at in London has a new card that you stamp each time you take photos. I take them all the time, so this card probably isn't a good idea haha
3: Debenhams gift card - probably no cash on it though
4: National Insurance Card - I had the recruitment agency interview the other week and it asked me to bring it along, so its now in my purse all the time
5: Orthodontist appointment card
6: Jays Nails business card
7: Debehams Beauty Club card
8: Young Person's Railcard - ft. my "rehab" photo haha
9: My ex French tutor's business card
10: Yuki Sakamoto's contact details - the presenter of Koko Shira, the programme we were on
11: Debit card
12: Currency card - Got it to use in Japan; you preload it and when the money's gone, its gone, so you don't have to worry about going overdrawn or anything. I couldn't use it in any stores though so it was dumb :z
13: P.I.C VIP Membership card - ...... I told you I go there a lot haha!

1: Various pile of receipts
2: Contact details for someone I met at Kyoto Events in London
3: Photo of my man ;)
4: Spare purikura from Japan and some from here

Make-up bag - Maison Gilfy; free with Nuts magazine

1: DUO eyelash glue
2: Eyelash glue from a set of eyelashes from Donki
3: Eyelure eyelash glue - the BEST!!!
4: MAC eyelash case with bottom lashes inside
5: Eyelash tweezers - for easy application
6: Regular tweezers
7: Foundation sponge
8: Foundation brush
9: Blusher brush
10: Powder brush
11: L'oreal True Match foundation
12: Collection 2000 powder
13: Collection 2000 mineral loose powder
14: Miss Sporty blusher
15: MAC Plushglass
16: MAC Plushglass
17: Boots 17 Lipstick
18: Sephora eyeshadow palette
19: Urban Decay eyeshadow
20: Bourjois eyeshadow
21: Black/White eyeshadow compact
22: Urban Decay Heavy Metal eyeliner
23: Urban Decay Heavy Metal eyeliner
24: Benefit BAD GAL pencil eyeliner
25: NYC eyebrow pencil
26: Collection 2000 liquid eyeliner
27: MAC Mascara - forgotten the name!!
28: Collection 2000 mascara


I seem to carry more than one of the same type of product haha



  1. So much make-up you carry! LOL I'm so lazy I just carry a compact, eyelash glue and lip gloss. I got the Gilfy freebie, too. I never found a use for mine, but your pouch looks so cute and useful.

  2. hehe!

    i dont wear make everyday at work and that but when i do wear it, i have to carry it all haha~

    i didnt use it at first and now i just chuck everythhing in there. one of the egg models i met in dec had the same bag and was like WOW!! lol

  3. Love your make-up bag! I want it! *__*

  4. Your blog is so cute, Koneko!! I'm always so stunned to find gyaru blogs in the UK.

    You carry around so much stuff, yet all of it looks adorable! I love the fact even your umbrella, passport case and mirror are coordinated. (^ω^)