Sunday, 21 November 2010


Hello! And happy Sunday to everyone. Today I had my trial shift at Cyberdog and im really pleased to say that I got the job! Its only part-time but it's still awesome! I'm now officially a shop staff! Although it's not the same kind we all know and follow (the girls of 109) I really enjoy being someone who gets to dress up all funky and promote something! Saying that, I do need to buy some more brightly coloured tops, socks and shoes! Im so tiny compared to some of the other people working there and im really lusting after a pair of huge wedge boots that I can cover with cute fluffly legwarmers and huge socks! I want to be tall at least once!

Another option is to buy cheap little wedges from somewhere and then I can just cover them however I want! I might take a look in Primark tomorrow (cheeeeeeeap clothing -cheaper than H&M- home stuff and accessories store in the UK, Ireland and Spain - as far as im aware!) and see what I can find! I got a free tshirt from Cyberdog as I don't own any clothing from there as of yet, but I did buy a suuuuper cute short white playsuit with huge buttons on! :D I think im going to start posting my co-ords for you all to see!

I guess you guys who read my blog from outside the UK or even outside of London may not actually know what Cyberdog looks like! Unfortunately, we don't allow photographs or filming inside the store so it's really difficult to actually show you what it looks like!

The outside of the store, taken from Google.

 Here's a sneaky video someone took last year after the new store had opened:

Here's another sneaky video! But actually better view of the store LOL

As you've guessed, the store plays really loud (much louder in real life!) trance, techno and mixes of music. Sometimes there are dancers in the special dance boxes and on the pole in the 18+ section (yep!) and where the DJ decks are themselves, the area around is really big and clear so sometimes the staff just randomly dance there lol! The store caters generally to those who have an interest in Cyber culture, music or fashion, but the main flow of people and customers is actually tourists, who may or may not be into that. The staff are all quite unique, with either lots of tattoos or lots of piercings, and sometimes crazy hair colours and usually bright clothing (the Cyberdog clothing). And why is it called Cyberdog you ask?

This is Chi Chi, THE Cyberdog! He's so playful in real life!

And check out the store logo...

I got a lot of compliments on my hair and outfit and general look today (even if none of it was Cyberdog lol!) so im hoping that I continue to make good impressions with not only the customers, but the staff too! They all seem really sweet and nice, and on Tuesday i'll get to meet EVERYONE properly, like 25+ people! A girl that attended my group interview also got the job so it will be nice to see her again! A Slovenian girl works in the shop and she's been there for about a month now. She was so sweet! I'd only literally exchanged names with her and maybe a question or two but after our shifts she invited me to eat with her and her sister, and to go to a Christmas market and for drinks in the week! She lives actually really close to me, so it's awesome! I hope my next shift goes just as well!


  1. Congratulations!!

    Cyberdog looks so awesome~~

  2. This sounds all so great! Cyberdog seems like a mix between a shop and a club, that's too cool. I'd totally feel comfortably with the people as you describe them, since I'm also having brightly colored hair most of the time and like piercings and tattoos. I'm happy for you!
    Man, I love London, when I travel there again someday I'm sure to drop by >:D

  3. Congrats:DI've heard of the brand before but I've never been there,sounds like an awesome place to work though:D

  4. Congrats on the job~ :D I think you could totally pull this look off! That store looks like such cool and fun place to work!
    It's my official first comment on here other than the blogaway :3 It's nice to meet you~

  5. That's so exciting!! Based on the pictures you post in your blog, I could definitely see you pulling everything off in the store perfectly. It looks like such a fun place to work~

    I would love seeing your coordinates for work, too! ^0^~

    Congrats! ♥

  6. congratulations!I love this shop everytime i go to london i go here. I wish i could wear cyberdog clothing everyday :)

  7. I was living in London last summer and I visited that shop so much times! Its a funny and awesome place! I have my mon-keys in my keys, so cutes!

  8. Congrats on the job! So lovely to hear you don't have to change your style much to work ♥

    I was a Cyberdog addict when I liked cybergoth. Still have some of my old things back in the states ^_^ I also had bright pink long hair at the time LOL With their pink items it seems to go pretty well together♥

  9. Sounds like a dreamjob! Congrats 8)

  10. It seems you and Mitsu are sharing a life with Cyberdog and pink hair hehehe XD

    Many congratulations!! I never doubted youd get this job and such a cool one it is!! :D :D