Sunday, 7 November 2010

rough ride

Hi guys, please excuse me for this rubbish excuse of not posting. I haven't had the best week as it were, well, since I posted my last blog i've been feeling really run down and out of touch. This has had an effect on my body as i've lost nearly 2 stone in the past 3 weeks....what the hell.

Last week, I lost my job....My hair and my nails were originally somewhat of a "problem", but I complied with their "rules" and wore a theatre hat (a pink one to be precise) and this Tuesday I got my fabulous nails taken off (I really wanted to keep them for Helsinki and I guess I could have done really...) and they turned round to me and basically said they didn't want me there anyway. My dad told me not to write any of the situation on Facebook or other sites but I think that the Trust and the department involved has had enough time to "settle" as it were, so im going to spill all and I hope someone comes across this and feels crap after reading it. I.E someone from the department or Trust.

I've mentioned a little bit before on my blog about their plot to try and get rid of me. I've always been the youngest member of staff there, and everyone else is a good 20, 30 or more years older than me. A lot of the older sisters are stuck in their ways of when they started working in theatres and so see nothing wrong with good old fashioned discipline and ways of working, but a select few have joined us in the modern world and are actually ncie and good to work with. I found myself getting on with everyone there, obviously after a little bit of time, and I felt like I was the one people could count on to get stuff done. One sister would only ask me to do things for her as she knew I could do it, no problems. And that feels nice! It means there are a few people who think im alright!

I think my problems started when I went away to Japan, my little "boss" who was in charge of me and my other group of workers got it into his head that I "wasn't coming back" and refused to give me any work, even when I returned, made up excuses not to give me work. Ultimate FAIL. He screwed up so much that the department "manager" (there are 4 people that sit in a little office and do jack so we have no idea who our "manager" is supposed to be) had a right go at him. When I came back the other week though, thats when things just went downhill. I managed to keep my nails hidden from the right people for a whole week, but then the woman who had become in charge of my group (it changed constantly because apparently we're difficult to handle) really gave it to me. I ended up being sent home twice and being asked to wear a hat so that my hair "is not visible to anyone at all", that or I was asked to wear a HEADSCARF which I declined as I don't have a religion and definitely, if I started to wear one, i'd get it in the ear from a lot of people around the hospital.

The sisters and other people started enquiring as to why I was wearing a hat and that I didn't need to as it wasn't affecting me or the people I work with, or even how I work, and I had actually had so many compliments from patients all over the hospital and from other department workers which was great. Everyone really loved my nails too, even though I shouldn't have had them, but But then, I guess complying with people's rules just isn't enough, and apparently, my hair was "sticking out" of my hat, so they told me not to come back until my hair was an "appropriate colour" So I bought a wig, considering that a girl in my department wears one and so do others around the hospital, like OBVIOUS wigs. The one I bought is the same length as my own hair, and as I usually have a front fringe, it had one too. Noone would have been able to tell! Its actually a really good wig, i was surprised at the quality. BUT its one rule for one, and one for another, and I was told that I would not be allowed to work in theatres again because my dad works there. This is the latest excuse they've come up with, and apparently its a Trust and Staffbank policy (an agency that provides healthcare workers to the NHS, and what im employed on) that family members cannot work in the same department.

There are a few things wrong with this excuse of theirs:
1) Staffbank got me the job BECAUSE my dad works there. They knew he was related to me and had no problems
2) Everyone i've asked have never heard of this "policy"
3) There are two sets of sisters working in the department, as well as 2 married couples, soon to be 3. Each of them are Staffbank and Trust employees, so if this "rule" covers both these employers, why haven't they been asked to move yet?

Its pretty much fail, but I guess I am pretty bummed about it. Even though I complained about it so much, I am already missing the people I actually got on with, especially Angela, the other receptionist. I actually can feel tears welling up as I write this blog post....that sucks.

BUT ANYWAY I had a job interview the day after I heard this pathetic excuse and it must of gone well as I have a second interview tomorrow! Really its only for Christmas staff but im hoping that if I do a good job I can always ask to stay on! Its for Cyberdog in Camden, and if I get the job *fingers crossed for tomorrow* I can dress however I want to. They state in the application "oh, and you have to look amazing!" so, :D!

My laptop has gone away for repair and i've lost everything! Thankfully I still have all my Japan photos on my memory card and the ones I uploaded online, so I will bring you the rest of the photos in the next post, and also the giveaway when im finished purchasing for it! It hard to buy stuff for a random person as you want them to be happy with it lol! I might as well get my nails done again actually...


  1. oh, i can sooo feel you ;_;
    i had totally the same situation in my last job. they kicked me also out in sucha mean, back-stabbing way. i totally know the feeling loosing a job u soo liked and then being so angry but also close to tears because so unfair :(!!

    dont give up, wish u much luck for new job :)!
    be happy and look forward to your bright future, you beautiful cute, pinkhaired girl! ;3

  2. The way you were treated is awful, I hope someone in your department or Trust reads this and you at least get justice for the way you were treated.

    I know it's upsetting but don't stress over it! It's an opportunity to open a new chapter in your life and start afresh so stay positive.
    2 stone in a lot of weight to lose in such a short space of time so look after yourself.
    Best of luck in your job interviews~ I hope you get it :)

  3. I know how you feel when youre that bad you lose so much weight :(
    Im really sorry to hear how you've been feeling and Im so annoyed if they released you because of your hair and nails, it's really unfair and stupid!!

    Best of luck in your interview, especially for such a cool place!!
    Cyber gyaru?! XD

  4. @Aki: Thank you, i'll try!

    @Yuri: It sucks so bad, mainly because of the way they treated me, its rubbish! and it's also pretty pathetic. The managers won't tell you to your face, they find some jobsworth to tell you for them. Thank you! I hope I can get it because I will be sooo insanely happy at just being able to be myself and not having to change for anyone! PINK STAYS, FUCK YOU THEATRES!

    @Emmie: I might just print this out and stick it around...haha or send it to the "Chief Executive". I'm going to write to her and see if she can be bothered to get off her arse and do something. I was really stressed out when it was all happening but now im a lot calmer, and have a better attitude, the successful first interview has kind of been a great thing to happen really!

    I know, and its strange because I haven't changed my routine, im still eating loads of crap, not exercising, and its like what?? I lost some weight before I lost my job so maybe my body knew before I did! Thank you!! I really hope I do

    @Sami: It sucks! The NHS is such a backstabbing place to work, and even though I knew it, its hit me so hard and its crap. Thank you^^ I really hope I get it!! I will be sosososo happy! Hehe, im not so sure about cybergal just yet ;p

  5. I hope it's a blessing in disguise and you find an amazing job where you can be yourself :)

    Very horrified at how much weight you've lost from the stress, you had none going spare to lose! look after yourself!

    Your new layout is awesome by the way <3

    Miss you >_<

  6. @Georgie: Thank you^^

    Everyday I keep checking to see I haven't lost any more! Its rubbish! Im going to go to the doctor I think...Claire and my mom have advised me so I think I should!

    Thank you^^ Black is definitely sexier!

    I miss you too! When are we next meeting up?!