Tuesday, 9 November 2010

TOKYO photo

Hello! Back for a happier and more interesting post today...following on from my Japan photos! Thanks for the kind comments from the last post, you guys are so nice!! kiss**
I realised after I made my last post, I had a few others from the first night in Tokyo, just two from Club Atom!

Me and Julia~

They're cellphone photos, so its not amazing quality im afraid! Atom have a strict "no photo" policy, and besides, you saw the problems with my digital camera lol


  1. FUN!!!!!! niji looking hot as usual!! >:]
    you go to japan ALOT neko!!! u plan on living there some day?

  2. I love it when you share you Japan photos, because it seems you did so many fun things! Oh those stripper platform shoes XD I wish I had smaller feet so I could get some of those out there shoes from Japan haha!

    Yeah...those host shoes, I mean I understand they are trying to make their legs look longer, but come on.

  3. @tomo: :D!
    This is only my second trip! I really want to live and work in Japan at some point! I will be soooo happy

    @saramari: Hehe thank you! We always end up doing the most random of things I swear!

    I saw them and was like O M G haha. They had loads of them which was so weird! The front of the store had just normal shoes and boots but when we went in there was this display of stripper and drag shoes! AND it was in Asakusa!

    Ugh, luckily the hosts wouldn't touch us, just stared at us like ;o lol. Everytime that guy walked past us I shouted "CLOWN SHOES!" and he was obviously like wtf

  4. those shoes <3~

    Also the new layout is really nice :3

  5. @momoko: i was so tempted but they only just fit me so it would have been pointless

    thank you! Black and pink is the way to go!

  6. Ahhh you make me miss Asakusa so much! (it was where I stayed the first time I went) Looks like you had a great time over there! I'm so jealous

  7. aww looking at this pics make me feel so melancholic ;__; I want to go back again!!!
    I LOVE your pink hair koneko!! <3<3<3