Friday, 26 November 2010

happy buh-stay

Hello! Today it's my birthday! I'm officially an adult, 20 years old~ It feels so strange! I feel like I can act out and stuff and blame it on being a teenager haha! Im going out with my boyfriend tonight, but im not sure where! He was supposed to come over earlier on but he hasn't materialised just yet :pHe just turned up!

I completely forgot that im doing a Para Para demo at the Entertainment Media Show tomorrow! Lol...
I think I might actually talk about Para as we've never done that properly done that at any event we've done, and I might show some techpara too! I'll be doing it all alone too...for 30 mins lol! One of the plus sides to this event is that Mercedes McNab, aka Harmony from BUFFY THE BLOODY VAMPIRE SLAYER will be there! SO want to meet her haha! She got it on with Spike after all ;) AND she was classy in Playboy too! even more reason to admire her! Downside? I have to pay £15 to "meet" her officially and then ANOTHER £15 for an autograph! :z Maybe I can get performer/staff discount...


Ah well, i'll try my best, wish me luck! I'll post photos of later on...later on!


  1. Best of luck! Cant wait to see!

  2. Happy birthday:D Hope you have a good time.

  3. Happy Birthday dear!! Is 20 the official adult age in the UK? Here's its 18, so people are adults even in high school haha.