Tuesday, 16 November 2010


Saturday; Tsukicon day 1! I didn't sleep all night, bar maybe 40 minutes at 5am! :( Also, the adaptors I brought with me didn't fit any of the plugs in my room, or the hotel! So I had to go to an electrical store (which was opposite my hotel) and buy some new ones. But at last I had power! Luckily my phone pulled through the night!

I made use of my included breakfast and ended up having fruit and a really nice sponge cake (lol) with whole fruit inside. There was porridge and meats and bread but cake is obviously awesome! I had my make-up done but not my hair and there was a huge troupe of cheerleaders all eating in the restaurant and running in and out of the lifts - I think for some event as I saw more at Monica's hotel - and they were all staring like wth that girl can't be bothered to do her hair lol. I took a cab to Monica and Ingvild's hotel to do my hair. It was great to see Monica again! Even though it was only the second time we've met, I feel like we've known her for years! Ingvild is so nice too! She's awesome at hair! Puts me to shame :( It was such a pleasure to hang out with them. I was a bit worried as I cam alone and only really knew Monica properly as i've only spoken a little to or only read the blogs of the other girls that were going, but everyone was fantastic so I felt so much better! Monica did my hair for me! She's awesome!! I can't wait to practise!

Of course, I went to Finland to see Aina & Yuma, but also to see other gals. From the hotel, we took the tram into the centre of Helsinki to pick up our Tsukicon tickets. We met up with Katherine/Keikk who took us to the ticket office. She's gorgeous! I thought she was American at first as she has such an American accent but she was like "no im from Finland!" haha. Just before we met Keikk, we went into Gina Tricot - i've been spying on the website and Caryn and Monica always praise it - and bought a really cute leopard print jumper (in size L or something lol!) and a cute zebra print dress that was reduced to like EUR10! NICE.

After getting our tickets we checked the time and realised we were going to miss the start of the Q&A session, and we weren't really that near to the venue so we rushed to the tram and got to the main venue, Gloria. Keikk was saying that Gloria was rather small for holding such an event as Tsukicon, and it was! There was a huge line outside and even though the majority, if not all, had tickets, they were being really strict and only letting say, 4 people in at once :z The Q&A had already started and it was weird and kind of unreal to see Aina & Yuma sitting on the stage in front of us! Even though i've met them before, I was still quite nervous! I have to admit...Aina looked so bored to be there..and kind of dry! Her fashion and style has changed so much in the past year and now she just looks kind of boring. To be honest I was a bit disappointed. When we met in January she was so like, spunky and really energetic, and on the stage and stuff she just acted like she had better things to do :(

My friend Gen from Fuji TV says that Aina is going to leave egg quite soon. I mean, she appears less and less, there are not really any Pora Pora (polaroid photos at the back of egg) or funny photos of her anymore (minus egg Dec '10 - there's a pora pic of her) and she is apparently more focused and set on becoming a successful singer. She says she's always wanted to be a singer but does enjoy being a model. However, it has been her dream and she would prefer to sing as opposed to have her picture taken all the time, advertising all th time etc. As a popular magazine model, she has a shooting everyday. This could be for egg, promoting a brand, shooting for tv etc, and this generally applies with other popular personalities such as Tsubasa or Sakurina, and I can kind of understand that after a while she might not enjoy doing that anymore. A little known fact: Aina was spotted by the editor of egg in Shibuya and was asked if she wanted to be a model! I guess it can happen to anyone, so make sure you always look fab!

Another reason she will leave is because while she is popular and young, there are newer and younger "models"; quite literally; coming in all the time. For example, Nemoyayo and Kimori Jun are EXTREMELY popular right now. Aina is only 21! She's still young...but she's maturing, nd I guess if she is trying to land a more serious job in singing or even acting, that's why she's toning her image down more and more and not working so much for egg, which lets face it, isn't all that serious lol! ANYWAY sidetracked.

Aina & Yuma also did a handshake and autograph signing for 30 people who entered a competition online, and I was lucky enough to be one of the 30! I used this opportunity to give them presents of the purikura we took in January: as I had a spare set.

And also to give Yuma a special purikura that she asked me for too! I was also super excited to see my other guy from Fuji TV! He didn't get a chance to meet up with us in Tokyo in Oct so I was really surprised and mega happy to see him! At the signing, the girls recognised me virtually straight away and were in fits of AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA and SUUUUUUUUUGOIIIIIIIIII and needless to say, Yuma was pretty much ecstatic that she had her own special puri! We weren't allowed to take any photos or videos on our own cameras or phones so I have to wait until the pics are out! I bumped into Koi-chan (manager) just before the signing and he recognised me as soon as I said hello! He said "AH! Eilish-chan!!!" and went straight into conversation! I was so pleased!! He took photos of us while we waited for the signing to start~ We ate in Macdonalds afterwards and then went back for the fashion show!

My signed copies of the QUEEN and Campus Summit 2010 albums~

The fashion show was cool! Nice one girls~ I finally spoke to Paul from Fuji TV! His real name is Ikuo but he will forever be Paul to me and Dec! He did a "hisashiburi" interview with me. I invited him and 2 others with him to eat with us, and I thought it was just like a few of us but there was 21 gals! They filmed and recorded us eating and chatting and stuff so if they show that part on TV, I hope people appreciate that I asked them to come! Afterwards, me, Rebecca, Sofia and Amanda went back to Monica and Ingvild's room to get ready to go to the after party thing for Tsukicon. We went, and it was mega fail! Like 4 people dancing to Nintendo music! Lame. We just drank (EUR6.50 for one bacardi breezer wtf!!!) and chatted and had a good time! Me, Monica and Ingvild like, snuck in, so at least we didn't have to pay EUR8 to get in lol! I managed to sleep when I got back to my hotel so I was impressed! I didn' want to wake up in the morning though :( Photos!

Anyway, Sunday is coming! And if you still haven't entered my giveaway, you can do here!


  1. awwwww~ sooooo LUCKY!!!!! >0< you guys all look hella cute!!!! i cant wait to meet chu!!!!!! cant wait! cant wait!!!

  2. Wow, you are so lucky!
    It's sad that Aina is going to leave egg.

  3. Your hair looks lovely!

    All the reviews and such from this event have been great, its been so good to see :D
    A great boost for the western gal community :D

    I love your leaopard cardigan too :O

  4. The colour of your hair is still amazing! I love your leopard print cardigan too.

    You're so lucky to have met them. I would kill to meet Aina. She's one of my idols~

  5. Sounds like you had tons of
    fun I'm glad Yuma was really happy to see you
    You're like practically friends with top gyaru models LUCKY!

  6. amazing weekend huh *_*
    i didn't know about aina quitting but it does make sense, i keep noticing she's more and more "toned down" and she did look kinda bored at the event. maybe she was just tired but still!
    it was great meeting you eilish! you look even more fabulous in person, your whole look is great. love it! it was fun hanging out with you and everyone ^^

  7. You look so great in the simple coordinate, it really makes your hair stand out! Maybe you are the only one who can pull that off XD You got soooo many awesome "behind" the scenes kid of photos, thank you so much for sharing!

  8. @michi: I want to come see you guys really soon!!!! It will be awesome!!

    @annet: thank you!

    @love jade: it sucks, but they can't be there forever! Chisato from egg is a good example. When she was in egg she had super classy tan and sexy style and then just before she left she wasn't tanned anymore had dark hair and was really conservative! she was only 21 too!

    sami: thank you! I definitely think my hair looks better when its all curled and stuff :D it was a great event! I just wish there was more stuff like this in the UK!

    @eri: thank you! my roots are coming through so im going to do them today and then dye my hair again lol! manic panic is definitely the way to go! I know, I feel really privileged to see them again~

    @read: I did! Haha not really! I guess im just lucky to meet them! I do keep in contact with Hiromi from Nuts though! She's the most genuine model i've ever met!

    @sofia: it was great to meet you again! I think i've only met you once at a para event..or maybe twice? Aw thank you! I'm only getting my look down properly now! You guys all looked fabulous! Yeah...Aina is definitely toned down lol!

    @saramari: thank you^^ I always take random photos, so im glad you enjoy them!