Thursday, 18 November 2010


Suuunday~! Unfortunately this was my last proper day in Helsinki! I really wish I could have stayed til the Monday! Technically I could have done since all the shit happened with my job, but at the time of booking I was still "allowed" there so :( FAIL! Anyways, after packing and checking out, I went back to Monica and Ingvild's hotel to do my hair and make-up. Lol I arrived at 11:30 and we didn't leave til 15:00! Monica did my hair again and gave me a whole lesson, and proclaimed us hair twins! <3

At Monica & Ingvild's hotel

Outfit and hair for the day

We met Keikk again and went back to Gloria after eating in MacDonalds (3rd time lol!) for the Shibuya Heat Wave gig. The doors were supposed to open at 4, but we ended up shivering and getting rained on until nearly 5pm! suuucks. I really thought I was going to miss the concert as my flight was at 21:15 and I had to leave by 18:30 the latest to go back to my hotel to pick up my suitcase and go to the airport! However, the doors finally opened and I did see the gig lol. Although it was an enjoyable experience, I have to say I wasn't as impressed as I thought I was going to be and I felt let down as the girls just mimed to their songs! A couple of times, the guy doing the mixing would turn their mics up and I think they were least expecting it and they kind of "sang" over the music, but apart from those moment, the rest was just miming :( They had remixed some songs together, so I think they only played like 2 or maybe 3 of their songs in full. I don't think they had a proper, full sound check or run through as a bit in one song came up and Aina was supposed to open her mouth and didn't so the track played her voice but she didn't actually move her lips...eek!

They played "Agepoyo" with the girls singing the whole song (as I doubt Crown Records would pay for all the 12+ (or however many it is) "Shibuya Gals" to fly to Finland just for one song. It was...kind of awful. Sorry, but Aina REALLY shouldn't give up her day job... They also played their new song "White Lover" which was an XMas son and I think the song they filmed their PV for in Finland. They asked if anyone had a birthday this month (ME!) and gave out postcards featuring the girls in different outfits and one or two of them on the beach on their recent New Caledonia trip, and also threw posters to girls who could catch! Ingvild wanted a poster so bad so she like nearly fought some girl and got it! ACE!!! :D

The postcard I got! Scanner gave it weird lines :z

At the end of it all, Yuma cried! When they cleared out the hall (REALLY promptly with some blonde woman like screaming at people to gtfo) all the foreign gals got whisked upstairs to meet the girls and take photos and do a big group interview for Fuji TV. The girls gave everyone hugs and Yuma came up to me and personally thanked me for the special puri I had given her and she looked like she was going to cry again! She's so sweeeeeet!!! I FORGOT how to talk at this point, and said "uh.....daijoubu desu/that's okay" when I SHOULD have said "douitashimashite/you're welcome" and Yuma just looked at me and said "...daijoubu desu?" and I said "uh..hai!" and I think she was like wtf lol but she still smiled and gave me a hug all the same lol! I said we were twins in our outfits and she was like YES! D.I.A.!!!! lol! Koi-chan took a photo of us hugging :p The TV crew asked us if there was anything we wanted to tell the girls and a few people inc. me said that we were so happy for them to come to Finland and that they are inspirations and role models etc and the girls were like "we're not role models!" but they are!! They know they are :D
They had to choose 3 girls to take a photo with for egg but apparently it was too difficult to decide so they picked like 6 people, me, Pin, Viivi, Rebecca and some other girls. I think they chose more girls as after I had my pic done, it was 18:30 (on the dot!) and I had to rush away and I saw more girls going in to take their picture. Yuma slammed the door so noone culd get in lol and people kept trying to open the door and she kept hitting it back! Koi-chan's camera kept going funny and Yuma said "what's up?!!!!!" LOL she's so funny. I was really worrying about how I was going to get a cab back to my hotel as there are no ranks and I had no number so I asked a guy in a convenience store if he knew where the nearest one was and he directed me, but I said "considering that this is my first ever time to Helsinki!" and he said "or I can just order you one :D" and he did! Omg so fucking kind! One of the nicest strangers i've ever met! Especially as I had huge mad hair and tiny shorts on! I gt my flight okay and on time and arrived at the hotel early as there was no traffic :D

The Fuji TV thing we were all given to fill out. Paul never took it so I still have it lol!
The answers were from Saturday, and I didn't know how to describe my look so I just said "rokku gal" lol!

I will definitely be going back to Helsinki! I had such an awesome weekend, it's unreal! My next trip will be to Norway in February 2011 to visit Monica! I was due to go to Paris next weekend but that's also the weekend of my birthday so I can't make it anymore :( sucks! I want to do a globe tour of gals!!!

Keikk, Monica, Me, Ingvild

Taken from Keikk's blog! In all the SLR and good cameras I look like a draq queen LOL! This picture probably more so as you can see my affair with blusher and my awkward hand placement could lead to all kinds of random comments....oh well :D


  1. Oh my god! That postcard!! You are so lucky and I am SOOOO jealous! They are wearing so much tutuHA, I covet it XD

    You look great in the black outfit btw, I know I'm partial to black, but I think it really suits you ^^/

  2. Looks like you had a fab time x

  3. aww i love ur hair!!
    kisses <3

  4. ooooh the poster! it was kinda me rebecca and ingvild who were fighting about it ;__; haha but then i realized i don't really "use" posters anyway so she could have it!
    loved your sunday outfit, those shorts are amazing <3 and your hair, omg!

    and i'll reply to your last comment: i think you and i actually just met once, at a roppongi street event (you were totally manba back then :D), we almost didn't speak at all, even! haha so it was great to hang out more this time ^^

  5. you are so gorgeous!!!! kisses from spain ^^

  6. It was so much fun! And you were so nice to be with. I dont understand that people think you are bitchy actually, I think you are nice :) I cant wait to see what pictures get in Egg. It's so crazy that western gals get in there :D He took a picture of me hugging her too, and I really want it cus I adore her so much ;___; I know it wont get in Egg but I hope it will be not be deleted?

  7. Oh man, that postcard is so lovely! Seems like this was definitely an experience to remember!

    I also agree about Aina keeping her day job... singing = no good T_T

    Glad you had a great time and shared it with us. <3

  8. XD You don't look like a drag queen... I do T_T , so I would know XD ! I hope you will include us in your world tour :DDDD ♥ ♥ You look really great ; your hair colour is so much more vibrant than I originally thought , you well deserve to be in EGG , as do the other GALs !
    Thanks so much for the account of your trip & events . I'm jealous , I wish I could have gone to such an awesome meet & met you GALs . Soon , I hope ! Accumulating that $$$$ XD ♥

  9. @saramari: I thought you might like it! I thought of you when I first saw it!

    I was going to buy one of their postcards for the giveaway and I just completely forgot to. I was hoping i'd be able to buy one straight after their gig but I didn't get a chance as we were taken upstairs so quickly and by the time we finished, the whole place was closed and re-opening for a JRock band to perform :(

    @miyu: thank you so much! :*

    @sofia: haha it was you guys! I couldn't really see who it was that was fighting, only Ingvild! At least it was with people we know, so that way it's kind of fair lol~ Yeah! I think maybe not the first RS but one of them! It was great to hang out with you guys so we should definitely meet again!

    @marya: thank you!! :*

    @ingvild: I had soooo much fun with you and Monica :D! I can't wait for Norway!!! I can't wait to see the photos in egg, ill definitely scan them :D! Im not sure if he will publish them all... i'd have to ask my Fuji TV guy if he knows

    @dolly: it was a great time, and meeting the gals made it better! I think everyone should see some foreign gals if they get the chance! I've enjoyed posting about it too, I like reading back on it :D!

    @val: haha its drag queen wars!!! I've been looking at flights to LA this evening! it will be quite cheap for me to come in May next year so it might be a plan in the making!

  10. ahh I saw you there OMGOMGOMG I love your hair!!!

  11. Just finished reading all of the Finland posts. You guys look lovely and I am impressed with how the dye has held in your hair so well...I always thought a vivid pink would come out easily - love it!

    As for the 「大丈夫です」 comment. I wouldn't worry too much. Actually my friend used 「どういたしまして」 the other day and our Japanese teacher laughed at him because she thought it was weird XD
    You did fine, don't worry about it. They were probably just pleased that you used Japanese.

  12. @rui: thank you :)

    @emma: thank you^^