Wednesday, 15 December 2010

baby it's COLD outside

Hello! Im writing this entry whilst lying in bed feeling sorry for myself. I'm sick, how fantastic! It's the first time for me this Winter (I think of Winter as the last 2 months of the year) and it's rubbish!! I don't mind if i'm just sneezing (lol) because that I can deal with, but I seem to have accquired a very sore throat with huge tonsils (still not had them removed, but i've never had tonsilitis/been so ill that they should be taken out) and my head is really heavy and sore :( My body is so weak too, so I know getting uptrying to get up tomorrow morning will be FUN. I feel like a newborn baby, as my head is lolling about a lot which I kind of want it to stop as it's really painful each time I move it!

Besides me moaning about how frail and bedridden I am, i'm just making a quick post for you all. I went out with Dec today, and even though it's my day off, I ended up going into Cyberdog anyway because he needed some hairdye, and we sell Manic Panic there. I always seem to go to my job on my day off...and it's not like it's close to me either! When I was at the hospital, I never went near it when I was off, and it was only a 10/15 minute walk to the bustop and then a 15 minute bus ride away! Cyberdog is a 10 minute bus ride to the tube station and then a 45/50 minute tube ride does that work? Lol. India, a girl who works in the XXX part of the store and who was also in my interview was walking in (also on her day off) as I was walking out haha. It's like all the people on the day off should work and the people working should go home! Here was my outfit for today (no make-up on as I did that on the

I didn't actually wear my hat in the, but I felt like the outfit was missing something so that's why I was *originally* going to wear it. It rained and was windy and generally disgusting outside so my hair had a choice of either down and straight or tied up

BELT: d.i.a.

Until I wrote this, I didn't actually realise how much H&M I was wearing...I guess it goes to show you how good they are for plain clothes that you can jazz up with classy accessories! On the subject of clothes, I ordered a d.i.a. top a little while ago from someone online and it came yesterday as I was heading out to work! It's a "bell top" and although it's really nice and classic d.i.a., it's also rather tight, which makes me question the "FREE SIZE" label inside lol! I'm a little unsure about it, but I want to co-ord it with something!

Sorry for shitty webcam quality. My phone was charging and doesn't allow me to take photos if the battery is low :z At the end of the sleeves, it's really long around your hands, and the back is also, well, open! If I wear an amazing boob-clenching-together-bra then it looks EVEN BETTER ;D No pic of this i'm afraid....

After Cyberdog, we headed to our usual spot of Leicester Square/Picadilly Circus and went to Boots to pick up some make-up for me and some more hair dye for Dec. Outside were a few Japanese girls who STARED us into the store, and one even ran in after us to look at us! When we got inside, there stood a really classy Japanese Gyaru! She had super long ash blonde extensions, huge white and black furry legwarmers/boot covers and I think shorts too! (With tights). She also had a really cute bobble hat on and her mouth dropped open when we went past her lol! I regret not saying that she looked really cute and also "where did you get your legwamers/boot covers from" and they had gone by the time we had made our purchases :(

It's always really cool to see Japanese Gals in London and other foreign countries! I remember once in late 2008, and me, Dec and Caryn were sitting outside Trocadero in Picadilly Circus looking through egg and a whole TROUPE of about 30 Gals came past! All wearing Maison Gilfy bobble hats, shorts and ugg boots and heels. They were in awe to see us looking at egg and were tapping each other on the shoulder and pointing at us lol! We followed them through to China Town where they disappeared into a Chinese restaurant. Times like that are so cool!

We also headed to Purikura, although we didn't take any. When I went in last week after the shoot for Cyberdog, Sia was saying that I had to show her the photos when they were done, so I used this opportunity to do so. As I was typing the site, Dec announced to me "OH you're on the main page by the way"....the MAIN PAGE?? : O wth.

I actually look like I belong on top of the tree in what i'm  wearing haha!

I thought that by main page, I would be on there with a few other people, as there was the other day, but not by myself!!! Jeez. It's kind of cool though ;D To see me attempting to sell dresses (it's also me modelling the Ice Skirts, Power Sculpt Leggings (I think they're called) and Cyberdog long socks in pink), check out the website, Speaking of Cyberdog, I was a bit unsure about some stuff at work and thankfully I managed to get some help from two really nice staff-chanmembers, and i'm really grateful! Thanks guys, you know who you are!

That's it for now, i'm going to wallow in how sick I am and see if I can make a trip downstairs to get some more hot Ribena.....


  1. Omg congrats!! You iz famous! :D
    look so cute there!

    get better so we can meet up again!! xxx