Monday, 20 December 2010

woo weekend

Hello everyone! How are you all? It's currently just after 2 am here in the UK, oops! I've really screwed up my sleeping pattern! Christmas is 6 days away! 6 days! Have you managed to buy all your presents in time? It's going to be a mad rush in all the shops this week as people browse for those last minute things that they knew they should have bought at the start of the month! I'm glad I managed to get all of mine out of the way, even if it did make me broke haha!

It's started to snow again where I live, which sucks. The weather and news told us that only the Northern and South Western parts of the UK would get snow and that the South East would be clear but they lied!!!! My boyfriend was due to fly to Amsterdam on Friday but alas, he went all the way to the Airport (by himself, so it's not even like there was anyone to pick him up because it was supposed to be fine) and checked a bag in, went through security and was waiting in departures for a really long time, like 2, nearly 3 hours and then found a group of people all being called over if they were going to Amsterdam, and they were told that the flight was cancelled. :( His friend had paid for them to stay in the Radisson in Amsterdam (lol like 5 star business hotel) and they haven't seen each other in years so my bf was determined to get there any way he could and not let his friend down (who was able to fly to Amsterdam from Vienna fine!) and he ended up paying £250 for a Eurostar ticket >.< Omg, so expensive >.< And he comes back on, boys will be boys! There's only a few reasons boys go to Amsterdam without their! And I don't expect snide comments like "ooh whats your boyfriend up to?? probably cheating lah!!!!" because obviously I trust him. He'll probably just be getting stoned every night/nearly every night lol

Today's code! Parent's room...
Top: d.i.a.
Shorts: d.i.a.
Belt (underneath top): d.i.a.
Tail: Osaka
Tights: Offbrand store in 109-2
Boots: Primark
Today I met up with Dec and Caryn, and Dec's boyfriend also joined us and it was the first time we'd met! He's so sweet and funny! I hope to be able to chat to him more next time! Caryn is going back to Japan so soon! SHE DAMN LUCKY, and I lent her the Japanese curlers I have so she doesn't have to buy a new pair while she's away, which can always be annoying >.< We did the usual; Puri, food, Para, being fabulous; and we also went to Karaoke (bad times for my throat) and I could hit all the low notes on the songs I wanted to sing, yay! We went to the shitty Karaoke in China Town that is damn expensive and has poor song choice, but they have a few updated ones, including one of my favourite songs of the summer, WOO WEEKEND by BoA! Unfortunately I killed the song as my voice was too fucked to sing really high pitched, but I was able to put on a fabulous drag style Whitney Houston performance and Will Smith rap which went down a treat ;D I always have such a good time with my girls :D

I really shouldn't have worn boots though. Well, actually in Central London it was okay because there was no snow so I could walk fine, but where I am, all the pavements and roads are covered so walking to and from the bustop was a nightmare. I kind of had to walk like I was a really frail elderly person lol, but at least I didn't slip and pray victim to any wanker chavs who might have been hiding to throw snowballs at unfortunate passers-by.

The view from the bustop~

From the above puri pics and code pic, you might have noticed my blonde hair! A girl from work was going to do my roots for me but I was going to wait until my hair got cut until I re-dyed it etc, as i've been letting it wash out, but I got bored being at home in the cold with nothing much to do so my sister did them for me. My hair actually looks quite nice! In real life it looks so much better though, the puri like fucked it up. It looks (as Dec said) like i've had pink highlights put into blonde hair, and curled it looks really pretty^^ I'm going to wait maybe til Tuesday just for it to rest a little and then dye it pink again...I want to wear my extensions again! And they still have life in them yet! I will be changing my hair vastly though the next time! As i'm lazy and can't be bothered to think of designs for myself, if i've seen something on someone else and I like it, i'll do it lol! I don't think theres anything wrong with that lol!

This is a photo I saw whilst in Japan but lost due to my laptop going away for repair all that time ago. I was thinking about it the other night and was madly searching for it, messaging people on Facebook who I thought had posted it onto their Tumblrs, and I found it through help, thank you Sami!

It's Sakochi, a model for Popteen and some other magazines
I didn't actually know who she was until the other night, I thought she was just a shop staff or something with classy hair but Sami enlightened me to the fact that she's a magazine model! I thought about two-tone hair last year (but brown and blonde) but didn't pursue it as my hair was quite short at the time and I think it would have only worked on me with extensions (as will this hair if I definitely do it!) so now that i'm in a position to be able to creatively screw up my hair without getting fired or persecuted for no reason (coughcoughHOSPITALcoughcough) I might as well just go for it!

I need to take some buttercup syrup ;D and go to bed I think! Good night/morning!


  1. Girl you need hair like that! hell i think i need hair like that!!!

    You guys all look so great! makes me miss coming down and doing the same! xxx

  2. Oh man, I know, Christmas has just snuck up! I luckily don't have many people to shop for so I'm almost done haha.

    I love your dark colored d.i.a outfit, I think that look really suits you^^

    Go for it! Do some really awesome multi-colored hair!!

  3. ooh d.i.a is always gorgeous, love it! it fits you well!
    and the purikuras look great too <3 you're all looking fab! i wish there would be purikura in sweden too...

  4. Love the coord,d.i.a suits you:)

    That picture of Sakochi is a hair dream of mine,can't do it though cause of work:( im liking your blonde/pink highlight look here too:D

  5. If my friend hadnt decided he anted to do preents and my bf hadnt left his late, then Id be done
    But now Ive loads to do again D: damn!

    Im sure your bf is being faithful and as you said just chilling and getting high lol
    I dont think Id be too fussed if my bf ever went to a strip club or anything but like prostitues/cheating is obv a no haha

    Love your outfit and puri for the day! :D

    and youre welcome miss :D anytime!
    and GO FOR IT! :D