Saturday, 11 December 2010

belated/Part 2

Hello again! I'm back to bring part two of the belated-ness!

Last weekend I met up with Georgie, her fiance Mark, Dec and Ivan for a belated birthday celebration with them! I didn't get a chance to see any of my Gal friends on the weekend of my actual birthday so it was great to see them! Unfortunately Floz and Caryn weren't able to come but there's also more opportunities! We went to an AWESOME Karaoke called On Board. I'd found it via Google earlier this year but had never been to it. It's a Japanese-run, Japanese-like karaoke with a Japanese system of over 60,000 Japanese songs, and a few thousands of English, Chinese, Korean and Filipino songs. Unfortunately it's still book method (you have to look through a book to find the song you want) but they have an incredible selection of brand new Japanese songs! Originally for Japanese karaoke, we were visiting a Korean restaurant with karaoke downstairs, again with book method, but nothing is ever updated, it's really expensive, and the staff are really rude, so it's great to have found somewhere else which is cheaper, has nicer staff (who we know already, what a small world!) and has an even better selection of songs!

They have LOADS of Para Para songs too, and some of them even have the actual Para video so you can learn or dance along whilst singing! They have the PlayZ song too, which isn't really that old to be fair! Whenever we visit karaoke, I feel bad because Georgie and Mark never really sing! In general I feel bad around them as I feel like im always acting too mad or talking about rude things too much, and no matter how many times they say they don't mind and they're not freaked out, I still think im overdoing it lol! Sorry again!!! >.< Georgie and Dec got me some really great gifts! Dec got me this super cute Troll doll:

She has the same hair as me! Well, when mine has been freshly dyed!

I'm still trying to think of a name for her...has anyone got any good suggestions? Georgie got me some really great furry fingerless glove things, which I adore! 

Kei came! She joined us for puri and food at Ed's Diner (yum) and it was great to see her, as I haven't since the beginning of Summer! :( It was also really, really cold that day and Georgie braved shorts! (plus tights) and looked damn cute too!

Thanks again for coming guys, you're all so sweet! It was great to be able to share my celebrations with you! Here's the info for On Board, I TOTALLY RECOMMEND THIS PLACE!!!

On Board Karaoke
Basement of 8 Kenway Road (the basement of the Lebanese restaurant opposite the Dry Cleaner)
Earls Court
Tel: 0207 244 6850

On Monday it was my sister's birthday, and she's now 16. 16!!!!! I can't believe it! I remember being 16...I was such an idiot lol, and probably such a pain to live with! (Although sometimes still am lol) It's kind of scary getting older. Even though i've only been 20 for a few weeks, it already feels like my life is changing in really big ways...i'm not sure how much I like it to be honest. My Dad confirmed that in 2.5 years he'll be retiring to Ireland with my Mom. He spoke to me about it before when I was 16, but hasn't spoken about it since. He plans to retire early because he just hates work so much, and to be honest, I really don't blame him. After all, he works in the LOVELY place I wrote a blog about and tbh, the sooner he leaves, the happier he will be! 2.5 years is going to FLY BY!

I've never moved house or anything before so the thought that someone could be living in my house (yeah this shithole that keeps flooding and stuff, don't know why anyone would want to lol)  is really quite strange and kind of...I don't know, not horrible, but uncomfortable. Where am I supposed to go????? My parents said they won't let me live in the house with my sister, but it's not like im going to find a stable enough job between now and then for me to be able to afford my own place to live, even if it was with my sister! I don't get why they can't just stay here :( Ugh, and then that thing about growing older hits me again and I can feel my tummy scrunch up and my head starts thinking stupid things that i'm not going to put in my blog because I hate thinking about it and writing about it and keeping it preserved is even worse :( sad times and im going to move on!!!

Anyway...on Monday, we went to a restaurant to celebrate her birthday, and also mine, as me and my family didn't get a chance to go out in the week of my own, so that was nice. We went to a buffet place with lots of different Asian food, as well as some British (like roast dinner lol!!) and I think some Italian stuff too. Theres a few of these things where I am, one particular chain called Jimmy Spices, where you pay say £15 for buffet and you go round with a plate and can get food from all different world cuisines, and then the dessert part is usually lots of small cute looking things and a chocolate fountain and stuff, and the place we went to, Cosmo, was the same, BUT BETTER. It was DAMN CLASSY, like so posh inside! And there was a huge statue thing made out of sweets and biscuits and cake in the foyer!!! So impressed, like bloody Ace of Cakes or something! The food was really good! Although I highly doubted how "fresh" the "fresh sushi" was and the "Japanese" chefs it was prepared by ...hmm. Again, totally recommend! They have them all around the UK, so here's the link:

That's mainly it for this week! I haven't really done anything but work and I also bought the last of my XMas presents for my family, as well as see my friend Jess and do her hair for her :D OO how could I forget! LOL. Today I wasn't working but I went in to do some modelling for the website! Just showing off some new clothes and stuff, but it was pretty fun! I've done stuff for a clothing company before but this is definitely bigger! I haven't done a lot of "normal" (lol) modelling for a while so my face is the same in each shot, but I *think* the photos came out okay! I modelled a few other things but so far this is the only thing that's up........I was up so early this morning and felt so ill so I didn't really do anything with my hair, and my make-up was done on the tube, so I want no comments of "YOU'RE NOT GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL" (duh, im modelling CYBER clothing....) lol!

Speak soon!


  1. Wow, that karaoke place has a huge song selection!!

    It's strange because I'm turning 20 soon and my younger sister is also turning 16 at the end of the month!! What an odd coincident. I hate thinking about getting older. :/

    As for a place to live once your parents retire, I hope things will work out! Maybe your sister will have a job too and you both can help pay for a small place.

    Also, you look really pretty in your modeling pictures!

  2. Girl, don't worry so much, we love your energy and crude humour XD