Tuesday, 28 December 2010


Hello! And happy belated Christmas! I hope you all had a wonderful time, and got some wonderful things!
I spent Christmas with my family but also went to see my boyfriend and his family. Christmas is really big for his family and everyone had bought me a gift! I was in shock because I only bought something for his parents and his sister! They're all so kind!

I'm pleased to say that I am now on the road to recovery after being so bloody ill for the last week and a half, nearly 2 weeks! I still have a bit of a funny cough and my nose is still a bit blocked but i'm not coughing up blood anymore (ew) and my head isn't killing me much anymore which is great! I had to not go to work last week as I was so ill and I felt so bad, but I had gone in the day before and I went in the day after and I felt worse! Coughing on everything and all the customers..lol, but i'm still on a probation so I don't want to make any screw ups during this time! Only 2 months to go now, and then I guess i'll find out if they really want me there! Tom came to see me while I was ill and bought me 4 Hello Kitty plushies because I was sick! It was also an early XMas gift for me, which was so sweet!


My current plushie collection!

Yesterday I met with Ingvild and Kei! Ingvild spends Christmas in the UK with her grandfather and because I met her in Finland, she now knows someone over here she can meet up with! She came on the 22nd and flies home today, and although we didn't make any plans to meet until yesterday, she came into my work the day she flew in to surprise me! I was like "AHH INGVILD!" when she walked in lol! I suppose a flight from Norway to UK is okay though, maybe like 1-2hrs max so no worries about jetlag or anything :D

Surprisingly it wasn't that cold in London yesterday, which was nice, but of course, you still have to wrap up otherwise you'll get sick..like I did lol! Here was my co-ordinate:

HAT: Tokyo Disneyland
TOP: Golds Infinity
TAIL: Osaka
BOOTS: Primark
Here's some of the puri we took:

Obligatory "Agepoyo" picture lol

We went looking for somewhere to eat because me and Kei hadn't eaten and we ummed and aahed about several places and ended up going somewhere more expensive than where we were going to go lol but the food was nice and the staff are nice so that was fine. We met Ingvild on Oxford Street which is probably one of the worst places at this time of year because everyone is mad for all the sales and stuff and of course, it was crowded and horrible! I'm so glad it wasn't boxing day though as that would have been so much worse!!

Mind you, there was a tube strike all day, so like no lines were working, so how did anyone manage to get to shop in London at all? I was supposed to work but couldn't because there was no physical way of me travelling there! I ended up going to Brighton to see my Dad's side of the family. I really wanted to go to the Cyberdog in Brighton to see what it was like because it said we were only 15 minutes away by car and also because I don't travel there all the time, but I don't think it was open because I called them to check and they didn't pick up, and I tried 3 times and there was nothing :( Someone I know was in Brighton the same day and said that it looked like it was closed when he went past so maybe it's a good thing I didn't just rush over there to check it out lol!

I'm trying to save my money right now because i'm not used to being paid monthly so anything I get has to last me for another 3 or 4 weeks or so which is difficult but I really want to be able to not spend things! Obviously I have to spend for travel and if i'm out, then food also, but if i'm at home then it's okay, although the lure of online shopping is sometimes too great! I did buy some d.i.a. stuff for myself because hey, it's Christmas and I thought what the hell, and I still have money leftover so i'm happy! No more stupid spending now though! So i'm hoping that I will receive some nice looking parcels soon!

It's going to be New Year's soon! What is everyone doing?


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I need that hat! It's so cute!!

  2. AH!!!
    Yoshikitty! (Yoshiki + Kitty)

  3. Aww you girls look so pretty! Love the puri & your hat! :3

    Glad to hear you're getting better now though. Good luck saving money as well~ I know I'm having trouble with that. >_>

  4. I hope you're going to be 100% recovered and feeling better soon!

    The outfit you made with the Disney hat is soo cute, I really like the outfits you've been making!

  5. @eri: I love this hat! But I never wear it enough. It feels weird to wear it outside of the park or even Japan but my head definitely thanked me the other day, it kept me so warm!

    @aki: YES! OMG I waited so long for this plushie to be mine! Last year it was so expensive so I only bought a small throw thing but this year it was discounted to Y999! I was so happy to finally have it! I love X Japan, and of course, Hello Kitty, so this combo is perfect for me!

    @dolly: thank you! I feel so much better now, omg, and work feels much better because I don't feel crappy anymore! My friend's work has an opening so i've applied for that and then 2 jobs will make it easier for me to save and sort my money~

    @sara mari: thank you!^^ I've always struggled with co-ordinating well, so I hope to get better at it! I'm glad you've liked things so far though!

  6. Hiya doll!
    Glad to see you're looking even more awesome than ever :P Lost touch with all UK gyaru after closure of HiB forum... (Fozzie)
    Happy New Year girlie :)
    mira x

  7. Aaah, envy. I haven't been in London for sooo long. Need to go Chinatown <3 Awesome photos. Sounds like all in all a great day! :D

  8. @mira: sorry for the late reply!
    Oh my gosh! I wondered what happened to you after we closed! Glad to see you're still around in the net world though! How big is your make-up collection now?!

    @phony: thank you very much! I need to wear it more often :p

    @silje: Do you live in London, or visit there a lot? I've cut down my trips to Chinatown because of no money :( Obviously I go to North London for work, but that's about it haha! It was a great day! :D

  9. lol!
    I've been around... trying to frequent gyaru places again after weirdamounts of drama?! But was a very selayed shock to the closure of HiB! The collection is out of control now, I'm considered some sort of an addict, hehe :) Just trying to set my own blog up now ^^