Friday, 17 December 2010

it's that time again...

Hello! Just a very quick, short and brief post!

I just looked at my Blogger dashboard and realised something...I have nearly 200 followers! In fact, I am just one person/follower away from reaching the 200 mark! I think you guys know where i'm heading with this....I think it's time for a 200 follower giveaway! :D! I know I only did a giveaway not long ago, but i've practically reached another milestone so why not? And hey, it's exciting for you guys too right?

I know "Christmas is the time of giving"...supposedly, but due to it being, what, like 9 days or something til XMas, the giveaway WON'T be XMas related, or completed before XMas! I need to get something cooler for this giveaway, so please wait until the start of the New Year so I can start to give you information on it^^

Maybe I will combine it as a 200 follower X New Years giveaway...or I can do two giveaways! ;D Well we'll see... I hope you guys are interested!


  1. Well done! Am sure you'll see the 500 mark before you know it :3