Tuesday, 14 December 2010

back to reality

Hello everyone! Gah, i've been so annoyed with my blog over the weekend but it's working again now! Some rogue HTML found it's way into my blog and it didn't make any sense! But it's been fixed, so the last blog is now complete again for you to read lol!

(By the way, by rogue, I don't mean rogue virus, I mean crafty little bugger!)

It's the start of a new week once again, and it's really getting close to Christmas! Usually I wouldn't really care. I mean, this time last year I was nearly going to Japan for the first time! I can't tell you how weird it feels for me not to be going again around this same time :( I've been reminiscing about Japan recently and i've been feeling really down. At Cyberdog, we sell 6% dokidoki products, and the manager asked me to send an email to Sebastian for a new order last week, and that made me miss Japan. The same day, 2 Japanese girls came into the store and I asked them if they needed any help or anything at all and they were so stunned that I was speaking to them in Japanese! That made me miss Japan even more. Okay, so i'm not fluent or anything, but I really enjoy being able to practise the Japanese I know with Japanese people, and when I was there in October, I really got a chance to improve my speaking skills with everyone, everyday, and that's what really hit home the other day. I really want to go back :(

Aside from that and going back to XMas, i've managed to buy all the gifts for my family before everyone starts to panic buy! I feel proud! This year i've put in a lot of effort, mainly because last year I wasn't able to really get my family anything, due to going away to Tokyo a few days later. I got a really neat gift for my Mom, and I really hope she'll like it. We don't have the best relationship in the world but there are always opportunities to make it stronger. I'm not saying that giving gifts is the best way to do so, although it's a nice little surprise! Currently all the gifts are sitting in two large Cyberdog bags in my room, lol! To break up this post, here's a few puri I took at the end of last week~

It's trueeeeeeeeeeee

I finally managed to bloody buy egg! I went to the JC nearly everyday after work and they didn't have it, and the one day I didn't go, they had stocked it! I'm glad to see that fur tails and fur in general is still in fashion ;D

Here's a boob(ish) one for you all

As some of you may know, here at my blog I have mentioned a few things about myself. One in particular being my girl-crush on James Marsters; i.e. Spike from Buffy The Vampire Slayer. In case you haven't seen this glorious programme and are not sure who he is, or if, like me, you just want to view a bit of Vampire hotness, please view the pictures below:

Dude seriously, if my photoshop skills were great, I would SO photoshop my head into this!

HAHA. Unfortunately, only "Buffy" Spike is hot. James Marsters in the present day doesn't really cut it for me...most older men don't really have that kind of effect haha. Anyway, I had another dream about him again...and for some reason Angel; i.e. David Boreanaz; was there too? Let's just say...it was awesome ;D...

This evening, Cyberdog had a Christmas meal for all the staff. I still haven't really spoken to everyone properly, but needless to say, I didn't really this time either lol! I did manage to speak to a few more girls properly which was nice! I really want to go out with them for a drink because they seem so fun to be around! Some of the guys were taking photos and I was desperate not to be in them and so I ended up leaving really hastily and probably looked quite rude but they were being sneaky and mean and it was stupid lol! I told them that if they put any of me on Facebook, i'll report them. I'm serious! I'm kind of nervous too, because my manager asked me to do a deco case for her BlackBerry! SCARY!!!!! I don't want to fuck it up lol!


  1. I can totally feel you with missing Japan...I've been there this summer and I miss it so damn much.

    you look so pretty in the purikura[s]? does it even have a plural? XD

    you made me wanna watch buffy again

  2. Eilish you should do a year on a working visa! Bet you'd love it :)

    Glad to see Cyberdog are treating you well and JM was soo hot back in his Spike days <3 drool.

  3. Sigh, I still haven't had the chance to visit Japan yet. :( BUT, I do understand the feeling of being able to use Japanese with native speakers. It makes what you learned so far feel so worthwhile! Hopefully you'll get a chance to go back soon. :)

    Hehe, I also had a crush on Spike when I watched that show. :3 Can't believe they're all so old now!