Tuesday, 7 December 2010

belated/Part 1

Hello! Here I am! 6 days later with a post for you all! Once again, apologies for not updating but after what happened last week, I really just wasn't in the mood for writing about anything! I'm going to talk about my birthday weekend and all the stuff in between that i've missed! So let's start!

For my birthday, I wasn't at work because my boyfriend said he had planned something for me so I asked my new job if I could have it off (as I was supposed to work it and I thought it would be okay, but apparently not)...I felt so bad! That was like my second ever shift and I was already playing around! But luckily it was okay! Everyone even said that birthdays should be a complusory day off haha. I spent the day by myself at home, which sucked a bit as that's what i've been doing for the past month or so since not being at the Hospital and when i'm on a day off from Cyberdog but I made good use of my time and re-tidied my bedroom and also my wardrobe! I say re-tidied because I end up having to tidy it every single week, mainly every single day, it's stupid! But then again, it's my own fault for making it so messy.

I'm so happy that I can see into my wardrobe now though lol! But I need to tidy my room tonight/tomorrow as I have to step over things to get to something....i'm sure you guys know the feeling right? So besides that, I also ordered pizza...not exactly exciting! But hey, Domino's pizza is awesome! My boyfriend came to my house just after my pizza did. He was so sweet! He got me the biggest bunch of flowers i've ever seen in my life! I haven't taken a photo yet because some of the flowers are still opening. They're still like, perfectly fresh! It's awesome! He likes to get people funny cards for occasions, so my birthday card was no exception...lol!

In the evening, he was planning on taking me to Jamie Oliver's Italian restaurant in Kingston, and apparently you can't book if it's not for a group, just turn up, but they didn't have any insight to what the food was like on the website, and tbh, i'm not the biggest fan of Italian food, like it wouldn't be my first choice, so we went for Mexican food at an awesome Mexican restaurant near to me! It's so DELICIOUS omg I want some now! Here are the details in case anyone decides to go at some point!

El Desperado
El Desperado Mexican Grill & Cantina
501 London Road
North Cheam
Tel: 0208 337 4446
Email: info@eldesperado.com

We went back to my house afterwards to watch the Fuji TV special on Finland Gals! I was so nervous to see everyone and myself too! And then there I was! I really need to stop smiling and laughing so much on Television! It looks like I have the biggest mouth ever lol! I don't look like that in real life at all! Koi-chan hasn't released all the photos yet and I haven't seen egg January to know whether any photos are in there yet, so bear with me!

I'm still waiting on the DVD to be sent to me and then I can see a clearer version of the programme! The quality from streaming it was awful (but to be expected) and kept lagging so the audio kept going but the video got stuck somewhere 2 minutes behind it! Here are some screenshots of me~

Who IS that girl??

They did a comparison of me from the last Fuji TV I was in to now

This was my (weird laggy) face saying "Before I was really ugly, but now im really pretty!" and then I had a LOVELY huge laugh...wth is wrong with me lol! I look nothing like this screencap in real life..wth

Yuma was really sweet, writing on her blog that I am a beatiful Gal now and that she was so happy for the purikura! I'm so pleased!^^

The next day I had the Para Para performance to do...and it was awful. The woman that organised it is really bad, and kind of unprofessional too. She didn't give me any information about where to go, who to talk to and didn't leave me a phone number in case I needed to contact her, so I was running late and got to the venue and had to talk to every single person I came across, and eventually I found her, right at the back of the place. She was surprised that it was just me doing the performance but was still happy that I had turned up! I kind of had to, there was no way I could have contacted her to say I wasn't coming! She doesn't even respond to my emails, yet she asks me to respond to hers by the end of the day that I got it! wth.

But yeah, after my slot was a guy who was talking about the voice-overs they do for Dragon Ball Z and the whole 10; maybe even less than that, 7?; people who actually watched me were actually waiting for this guy instead. The woman who organised it did a "tea ceremony" (it wasn't one) before my slot and there were a few, like 10, people watching her and they all cleared off when it was my turn! I tell you, it was such a waste of time! So I did one techpara and one parapara routine and then came off stage, much to the dislike of the guys with the microphones, but I wasn't just going to stand there in my tiny shorts and try and interest people who didn't want to even see me perform!

Afterwards I went to see if I could meet the classy Mercedes McNab, aka Harmony from Buffy! HOWEVER she wasn't there. She was "sick" so I completely missed her! I did, however, bump into the manager for the celebrities there, Sean, and he was awesome! He was walking around with Miko Hughes, who was a successful child actor in Wes Craven's New Nightmare, Apollo 13, Pet Semetary and other films. He was so cute! (obviously didn't say to his face though lol, would have been creepy of me!) They invited me to a gathering at their hotel in the evening and I really really wanted to go, but didn't in the end. Yeah I know, things like that CAN be dodgy, but I wouldn't have let anyone try anything! ;D I ended up going to the Fighting Cocks with my friend Jess and her boyfriend Steve, got really drunk and threw up when I came home. Lovely! Here's what I looked like pre-drinking:

Monica's tips are really helping me! My hair stayed the entire night! :D

Overall I had a good time though! And work has been enjoyable too. I haven't started posting co-ords just yet as I haven't got enough clothes to rotate into a nice selection for you guys, so at the moment, i'm just really wearing a lot of stuff more than once. It's hard!! Anyway, i'll be back with part 2 soon!

OO I meant to say. I've had a lot of friend requests on Facebook recently from people I have a lot of mutual friends with, say like 30 or so mutual friends, but I don't accept people I don't really know, or those with the same friends as me, purely because my Facebook is personal and it's really for my friends and family! I'm not saying that i'm just trying to be bitchy and like "well I have ALLLLL these friend requests but i'm just going to reject them all!" and trying to make out that im popular lol, in my dreams! I want to thank you all for reading my blog, and if some of you have tried to add me on Facebook and I haven't accepted, i'm sorry! I am thinking about maybe setting up a more open Facebook, or maybe just accepting a few requests at a time so I can get to know people! Please don't let this put you off me or my fantastically weird blog!


  1. Ye, I saw you to in the tv thingy (: Did you had fun?

  2. same here about the friend requests! i got so many recently O__O since i don't know them at all from before, i don't want to accept them... but somehow i still end up accepting everyone because i feel bad... hahahaa, what to do...

  3. Lovely hair! Do share your tips please... :)

  4. share them tips woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Your hair looks SO AMAZING, please share the hair tips!! XD

    I can't wait to see the TV program with audio! XD

  6. you hair really looks amazing (°O°)
    please share the hair tips (^-^)