Friday, 21 January 2011

feel the noise

Hi guys! It's Friday, and the start of the weekend! What are your plans?

I'm working tomorrow but because i'm still broke I won't be going out :( Some people from work are going to Slimelight, a place in Angel/Islington in London, but i'll be going home! I'll try and go with them at some point maybe!

Mentioning my last post about the night out I had, here is the infamous "Fire" video I spoke about!

I wanted to share with you guys some of the stuff i've been listening to recently! It's a few CD's we play at work, but they're quite good and some of the tracks are really catchy! One CD is Electro Minimal, you can preview the tracks here, and the others are both Private Fiction works. Here's one of the tracks from Private Fiction Digital Dynamite, David Guetta ft. Estelle - One Love (Fat Man Scoop remix):

Another song i've just started to really like is this version of Hey Hey by Dennis Ferrer:

I hope you guys have a great weekend,whatever you do! These CD's and songs are great for a night out, so why not take a listen before you go out?


  1. Your nails look pretty! I love glitter. My nails can't be even half that long. I stab myself accidentally lol

  2. Ooooh!! Those nails are really cute! Cooler that they glow in UV light~ Gosh I could never have my nails that long XD I break my nails all the time.

    Hilarious video too :D Hope you enjoy your weekend!

  3. @dedomhnaigh: Thank you! I love glitter too, I wear so much of it :D My real nails just don't grow whatsoever. They grow to this tiny point and then just break! So i'm glad I have the help of artificial nails!

    @l-article: Thank you! :p I might try and take a pic at the till because there's a really strong blacklight there! One already fell of twice so I had to scrap it and re-do it, but luckily I have all the stuff here to make a new one! I need to bring some more videos to my blog! Thank you :D I hope your weekend was great!

    @kanae: Thank you! :D

  4. Who knows you may end up being a Cuberdog nailist at this rate hehe :D

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  6. AWWWW CUTE NAILS!!!!!!!!! I need to get my nails done asap~>.>

  7. @sami: that would be cool! There used to be make-up and stuff that you could get done but the girl that did it doesn't work there anymore, and as far as i'm aware, they haven't expressed any interest in having someone to do make-up on people again! :(

    @aki: thank you^^!

    @michi: yay for nails! I need to buy some new acrylic solution! I've almost run out >.<