Sunday, 16 January 2011

I can't wait

Hello everyone! How are you all? It's the end of another week! Although I know some people class Sunday as the beginning of the week, as that's what they used to do in the olden days lol. My old, old Restaurant workplace used to do it :s

Today I had such a short and quick shift at work! Only 10am-2pm. Yeah, 4 hours isn't really anything but it feels even shorter when you finish at a time like 2pm! Everyone was like "WHERE ARE YOU GOING?! NO FAIIIR" haha. We had Popi from the Brighton store come and help us today, although I didn't actually see her until I was going! I hope she did okay! Our Camden store is so much bigger, louder and generally much busier than the Brighton branch, but she's fabulous so i'm sure she did fine :D

I'm really hoping that I padd my probation at the end of February! So far I think i've been doing a good enough job, but I guess I just have to wait and see! It would kind of suck to be told that they didn't want to keep me on after i've gotten used to the surroundings and getting on so well with everyone :( I still need to go out for a drink or something with a few people, as I want to get to know them better! Because of the "no-talking" rule at work, everyone is always dying to chat and talk about so much stuff! It will be nice to have a get-together after work sometime! *hint to those of you at work that may read this :p*

Eliana sent me her photos from the Art Exhibiton! And here are some for you to see:

L-R: Claudia, Me, Ryo


Not loads of photos but at least a few more to save to my computer! Of course, I still really want to see Ryo's photos! :p This week has also seen the arrival of my mail! At bloody last! Some stuff I ordered way before Christmas and just aftert has started to show up, which is great. I ordered some jeans from a Japanese store on Rakuten and they came really quickly! Here's a stock photo as I haven't taken a decent enough photo of my own just yet:

Mine are the ones on the right. My friend is actually coming over tonight to order the ones on the left because she saw this photo on my Facebook wall and loved them!
 They're so comfortable! And look really nice too :D They came with a thin brown belt that you can see in the left picture, but I probably won't use I stored it at the back of my drawer haha. The only other thing to do with mail that I hate besides delayed post due to weather or random stuff, is the the "attempted delivery" notes they leave you! Grr! They are such liars sometimes! I've been home and waiting for things to turn up and they don't even bother to ring the doorbell! Some mailmen don't even both to put the date or time on the note so i have no clue when they "tried" to deliver anything so I don't know if they'll still have it at the depot or not! Grrrrr grumpy Eilish lol. I went to pick up something from the Post Office on Saturday morning and got back home to find ANOTHER note because noone was i'm going to pick it up tomorrow before work. I *hope* it's a d.i.a. top that I ordered online, or some nail stuff that I ordered!

Here is what I picked up on Saturday:

A d.i.a. grab-bag from Lily! Thank you so much!

This makes up for me not being able to get my hands on a 2011 d.i.a. lucky bag! And what do we have?
- Cream t-shirt
-Red long sleeve top with open back
-Gold studded bra
-Black & white print top with black sash and gold hoop detail
-Black sweatpants with pink string, border and print
-Olive onepiece with black bow and gold hoop and chain detail
-d.i.a. eco bag

I'm so happy! I looked and bidded on the 2011 bags online but they're so difficult to get hold of! People have bought 10+ bags and even though one bag retails at Y10,500, they're selling them off for Y20,000 each! I saw a bag online for Y40,000 AND Y70,000!!!! WTF. I won a 2010 lucky bag..bag haha. I didn't realise it was just the bag until i'd bidded but never mind, it's quite a nice bag (even if it does say "NEW YEARS BAG" on it haha)

I also met Caryn, Dec and Kazu (Dec's bf) briefly the other night to pick up the things that Caryn brought back for me from Japan! They were going to Karaoke but I couldn't stay as my funds are low right now (all this shopping I know...) and I was staaaaaarving!

d.i.a. top, egg Feburary and x2 Candy Doll face powder
 It's been quite a d.i.a. week I guess! Oh! And a package came in the mail from Laura! She sent it on December 20th and it's taken nearly a month to get here! I haven't taken any photos but inside came two nail varnishes from HEMA (looove), some fake eyelashes, caramel waffles (yuuuummy!) and a kit to make my own king of sweet stuff! It's a Christmas thing really but I don't care! Still going to make them and post them here! In some other news, i'm going to Oslo, Norway in February to see Monica and Ingvild! I was going to go in the first weekend of March but I had already booked a mini holiday away with my friends in October so I couldn't go :( But i'm going for 2 days or so at the beginning of Feb! It will be cold, but so so lovely to see them both! So, yeah! How has everyone's week been?


  1. AWWWWW~so luck you got the bag~ >3< I wish I had one~ U.U next time i guess~ anyways.... you look so fab!!!! you always do tho~ XD

  2. So much awesomeness, but now I was to shop D: D:

  3. Can't get over how amazing you looked at the fashion show!

  4. Ahhh so many pretty pictures and gets~ :D :D I love the dia stuff! Gosh that's expensive! Lucky you~~ Sounds like you've had an awesome week! Mine has been pretty relaxing :]

  5. @michi: I wanted one really bad but now i'm okay cause I got d.i.a. clothes even if they weren't from the lucky bag! Thank you girl^^

    @sami: Shopping is my downfall :'(

    @georgie: Thank you! It was the first time i'd ever done something like that and it was really enjoyable!

    @l-article: Too many gets one would say haha! Yeah! It's just not fair for them to sell them on at that price :( And how the hell did they get like 10 anyway??! It's been a pretty random but cool week! That's good, relaxing ones are awesome too^^

  6. OMG you looked so amazing in those Art Exhibition photos! Love it!

  7. Ouuu amazing coat! You look fabulous :)

    Jealous of the DIA bag, some awesome gets.

    Have fun in Oslo :D

  8. @osakabrownsuga: Thank you so much!^^

    @claire: Thank you! I can't wait to wear them! And thank you! I'll try to take lots of photos :D