Saturday, 29 January 2011

you better run

Hi everyone~ As promised, i'm posting tonight, (just filler for now) although it's quite late now, nearly midnight here,and by the time this get's posted it will be afterwards lol, although I probably won't sleep for a good 2 or 3 hours yet - thank you screwed up sleeping pattern!

I'll start off with the shoot that I did; and it was an awesome one I have to say! It was my first alternative type shoot (which I mentioned) and it really made me want to try it again! I had a really fun time, although I wasn't super confident at the beginning. Marc is really well known for quite edgy and dark photos, animations and short films and it was great that he actually came to me and asked me if I was interested! We started out with just some practise stuff, which was a good way to ease me into everything - although I don't think the shots will be used, as just for practise! Then we moved onto an animation, which was kind of difficult to get right but was really cool to watch back when it was all finished! I had a doll on a long string in my mouth and had to lean forward and ever so slightly to get her to kind of sway about and then just slowly (reeeally slowly) tilt my head upwards and give a few long blinks which Marc was then going to slow down and repeat. Everything we did was in black and white, and my hair doesn't look like it would be pink (obviously if it's not in colour) but the effect made it look like my hair was actually dark blonde or brown!

Marc's home is really cool to shoot in, and as we moved to different rooms to shoot, I couldn't help thinking to myself who the home used to belong to such a long time ago, as it's got a basement and an old kitchen and a pantry and everything! It's really cool. We did some normal shots too (well, I say normal as in just photos lol! not so much the ideas!) and I *hope* they turn out great! My only problem is I don't know which photos i'll be able to share with you guys! Once I get them back, i'll see what they're like and hopefully will upload one or two :)

Last night I went to The Fighting Cocks as mentioned, but didn't stay for very long. It was nice to see everyone though, and I hope Steve had a good birthday! They guys played some pool and got really into it, it was kind of hilarious to watch! I don't think I have any photos or anything to share with you guys! I'm sorry >.< I'll make a post tomorrow, and i'll make sure to make it interesting!

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